Small-town charm still has a home

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By John Whitlock

I love a parade.

If you spend your whole life in Owen County, you might not realize the quality of life that so many people here enjoy.

In many larger communities, the idea of a high school football homecoming parade has faded into memories.

With more population, the idea of closing down a few streets for a hour of so on a Friday afternoon would trigger angry protests and a lot of calls to the police, the mayor, the city council, the dog warden, ministers, deputies, homeland security and Girls Scout troop leaders.

But here in Owenton, honoring the annual homecoming is a big event, worthy of a celebration.

As I’m writing this, it’s Friday afternoon. The farmers’ market closed a bit early in anticipation of the parade. Outside, there are a lot of people decked out in Rebel maroon. There’s a special feeling in the air along with the new chilly weather.

It’s a good feeling ... a feeling of pride and excitement.

It’s good to see that there still towns in Kentucky that value tradition and are willing to take a few moments, sit in a little extra traffic maybe just to show support for the local high school.


Opinion is one thing but facts are another issue.

I’ve received a couple of letters to the editor recently that have been heavy on statistics and facts.

I appreciate the effort that goes into these letters but just like anything that goes in the News-Herald, I wanna make sure all the facts are correct before we present them to the public.

This fact-checking takes a considerable amount of time but I want to make sure nothing incorrect is featured in this paper.

Footnotes would be nice.