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Class honors memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

By Molly Haines

Students in Michelle Alcorn’s fifth-grade social studies classes took time Friday to study Martin Luther King Jr. before having a break from classes in his honor.
The students spent their social studies class reading a biography on King, whose official birthdate was Jan. 15, 1929, and annotating the history for their classmates.
Alcorn said her social studies classes study King each year and get into a more in-depth history during their study of 20th century history.
Kylee Robinson said she learned that King had three children and that King’s wife received a phone call from President Lyndon B. Johnson after his death.
“He was trying to help African American’s blend together with everyone else,” Robinson said. “So they could use the same bathrooms, ride the same buses and go to school together.”
Cameron Morgan and Jacob Lilly both agreed that King is an important part of American history.
“I think it’s important to celebrate his birthday because he was the man who brought whites and blacks together,” Morgan said.
“He gave African Americans more rights and changed their lives,” Lilly said. “He’s the reason America’s the way it is today.”
Robert Risch III said he’s glad King’s birthday is celebrated each year.
“He was an awesome person,” Risch said. “He stood up for African Americans because he wanted everybody to be treated the same.”