Science fair winners

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Despite the Winter Vortex, 620 students participated in the annual Kentucky American Science Fairs.
It was evident that students, teachers and parents put in lots of hard work, long hours and dedication to present such outstanding projects.  It is obvious the importance that Owen County Elementary K-4 and Maurice Bowling Middle School teachers put into teaching science to students.
Kentucky American Water plays a huge role in the success of our fairs.  The donation makes possible our prizes, and supplies.  Itron also contributes to our students getting participation prizes.  The school system would like to thank these two companies for their continuous support.
Judges play a huge role in the fairs.  These people donate a whole day from work or busy schedules.  I would like to thank these people: Beverly Marcum, Kellie Downey, Dana Gill, Chuck , and Lee Ann Webster for judging our Elementary Science Fair.  Judging at the MBMS fair were: Susan Peak, Billie Jo Ashcraft, Ann Cook, Renelle Sparrow, Denise Perkins, Dalvin Krug, Bill Allen, Kay Krenshaw, Reggie Taylor, Whitney Duvall, Martha Hamilton, Jennifer Nippert, Jesse Williams, Bill Wulfeck and Doug Brock.