School board considers changes for new concession stand

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By Molly Haines

During a recent Owen County School Board workshop, members went back to the drawing board on the OCHS concession stand and restrooms around the football field.

Owen County School Board Superintendent Mark Cleveland said Ross-Tarrant Architects provided board members with plans for the new restrooms and concession stand during the July meeting.

“The structure that they presented us with was right next to the current structure,” Cleveland said. “It basically mirrored our current structure.”

Cleveland said members of the board discussed other options during the workshop.

“One of the options we discussed was putting the structure in-between the football stadium and the baseball field so that fall and spring sports would both be able to utilize it,” Cleveland said.

The current restrooms are not up to par with what the board would like, Cleveland said.

“To be quite honest, we’re embarrassed with the restrooms out there,” Cleveland said. “When the new structure is built, we’ll probably shut those restrooms down completely and use them for storage.”

Cleveland said architects also presented the board with an update on the new Maurice Bowling Middle School.

Cleveland said the new school is expected to be completed a year from this December.

“You can actually walk through classrooms now,” Cleveland said. “The roof isn’t up yet, but you can tell where classrooms are going to be and where the windows will go.”

Cleveland said construction on the new school has gone smoothly.

“We did have an issue with the plumbing contractor but I think it was more of an issue with manpower,” Cleveland said. “The issue has been ironed out now and everything is on schedule.”