Same name ...New building

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Public invited to tour new Maurice Bowling Middle School

By John Whitlock

Although students have been enjoying the new school since January, parents and the community will get a chance to check out the new Maurice Bowling Middle School March 20.
The open house, which will be held from 2 until 4 p.m., will feature tours, special speakers, an official ribbon-cutting ceremony and refreshments.
Student council members and peer helpers will take members of the public around the new school.
Maurice Bowling Middle School Principal Jo Wallace said she is eager to show off the new school.
“It’s a wonderful facility,” Wallace said. “It’s very open, lots of color and windows. It’s bright and very refreshing. It provides a lot of things we didn’t have.”
Among the many new features that help the new school standout are its rooftop garden, state-of-the-art technology, large multi-purpose room, and energy efficiency features.
“It’s a wonderful facility,” Wallace said. “It provides a lot of things we simply didn’t have before.”
One of the features Wallace enjoys is having lots of sunlight coming into the building.
“Windows — we have lots of windows,” Wallace said. “In the cafeteria, you can look out the windows. It can be very relaxing.”
Within the design of the new building, energy efficiency and going “green” were major concerns.
Wallace said the school is recycling as much as it can and even collecting rainwater.
One feature of energy efficiency Wallace had to get used to was the overhead lighting used in conjunction with motion detectors. If no movement is detected for a certain period of time, the lights are automatically turned off.
“Sometimes, I will be sitting at my desk typing and the lights will go off,” Wallace said. “I have to raise my arms and start shaking them to get the lights to come back on.”
But with the energy efficient features come benefits.
“I’ve heard we are saving quite a bit on our utility bills and that’s good for everyone,” Wallace said.
Getting the new school ready for students to move in was a nearly overwhelming task, Wallace said.
“Everyone did quite a job getting everything over here,” Wallace said. “The maintenance staff has been wonderful and the teachers worked through the Christmas break to get things ready. My hat is off to them.”
The public is invited to attend the open house.