Respect for veterans

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By The Staff

What does the word Veteran mean to you?

Is it a word that you take lightly, or maybe you don’t consider the true meaning. Is it only a word you hear during War time? Or is it a word that draws near to your heart? Maybe you’ve had a loved one who has served or is serving now.

Our country was established by young men and women who stood up for what they believed and they laid down their lives to give us freedom. Sometimes I wonder if they think we take then for granted.

The definition of a vertern:

Veteran: 1. One who has seen long service in any occupation or office. 2. One who has had experience in some field, especially a soldier. 3. (Of soldiers) having had service or experience in warfare: veteran troops. 4. Experienced through long service or practice; having served for a long period; grown old in service. 5. Of pertaining to, or characteristics of veterans.

Take a minute to ponder on these words: veteran, long service, experience, warfare, wounded in battle, some never to return, leaving home, families, friends and loved ones. It takes a man in a young boy’s body to face these daily trials and tribulations.

At the Owen County Historical Museum, we want to honor our veterans, men and women. We are proud for what they stand for and for facing these challenges with pride and love for their country.

I am asking the good people of Owen County to come forward with their pictures of all veterans and information that we may honor them in the new Owen County History Book. Don’t you think we could at least honor them in a caring and loving way, to show love and respect for them? We have so many vets’ pictures in the museum with no name or information with the picture. Come to the museum with either your pictures or help us identify the ones we already have. Somewhere out there in this county they have relatives who can identify these pictures. We honor all vets, young and old, alive or deceased.

I believe they will appreciate this more than you can imagine. Let’s give our vets a homecoming that everyone can read about and help preserve their history.


Jeannie Williams

President of the Owen County

Historical Society