Residents urged to attend meeting on West Perry project

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By The Staff

Do we have eminent domain going on here in Owenton? It sure seems like it.

I encourage all of you to go and look at the old drug store and the building beside it. Plaster is falling off the ceiling. Water has stood in the floor. In the old drug store, the ceiling fan is bent down from where it has leaked. Hardly any of the windows are left in the building.

I encourage you to go and look behind these buildings. You might be surprised to see what is back there. There are broken steps, wires are everywhere and the backdoor is open for kids to go in.

The crawlspace was open where the kids could crawl in and out. The old well did not have a cover over it.

Maybe (officials) should look in town before (they) start on West Perry Street.

A lot of houses you are talking about have been handed down from parents to their children to live in. You act like they are ready to fall down. I know one is in bad shape but I also know that there are some in good shape and solid. One of these houses you are talking about was my aunt’s house. I know it is in good shape.

When you say they will be relocated with no cost, does this mean they will be paying the same rent or move into an apartment?

This is the picture I am getting – you pay for the property what you want to pay, get the people out of their homes, then the city can auction off the lots to the public. If no apartments or houses are built, then the city becomes owner of the property.

Please attend this meeting. Just think about this – it could happen to you if someone decides they want your property, (they can) condemn it and kick you off your property.