Remember the veterans Friday

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By Bee Spicer

I must start off with a correction. It was not Jeannie Williams Baker who went to the dance with Joyce, Cig and Coleman. It was Jeannie Barber Jones. I’m not sure if it was me reading it wrong or Wanda’s mistake. I do have a tendency to anticipate when I read the e-mails late at night. I may have read “Jeannie,” and because the only Jeannie I know is Jeannie Williams, I just typed in her name instead of actually reading the sentence verbatim.
On a more upbeat note, basketball season has started; UK won their football game Saturday; and Owen County is still rolling along. Not a bad week for the rabid sports fan.
I enjoyed the great weather we had last week. I talked to Fay and mentioned it, but she said she would be glad when it wasn’t so great. She and Bruce were trying to get in all the fencing, brush-cutting and tree trimming that has been neglected during the heat of the summer and the early-fall wood cutting. She did have a nice visit from her sister and two brothers last week. She actually got to sit and talk to them and have a quiet meal. She said it was always nice to have the family at Thanksgiving and other holidays, but there are so many you don’t really get to visit and talk with everybody. I know what she means. I enjoy the smaller dinner parties now more than the big holiday get-togethers. Rachel, Chris and three children came down for supper Sunday evening. John, Charity and Ann came, too. It was really good to see them. The summer was so hot and everybody got so busy that we just haven’t taken the time to visit.
Wanda said she hasn’t done anything this week but work, work, work and that may be the case for a while if they don’t get some more substitute carriers soon. One is still out because of a motorcycle accident, one had surgery, and another got a new job. So, if anybody out there thinks they would like to apply for the job, it is posted on the Internet, or you can get the information at the post office.
We had a substitute preacher at church Sunday morning. Steven and his family have gone to Tennessee to attend his brother-in-law’s wedding. Rastus was at church and feeling better. Sue wasn’t at church last Sunday. She had a flu-like illness and was off work till Wednesday. We were glad to have her back this week. Catherine Raisor’s sister died this week. I think Catherine said there were 12 children, and she is the oldest and the only one left. We send our sympathy to her.
We will have our Thanksgiving luncheon at the church next Sunday.
There are several birthdays this week:. Steven Sherman, our pastor; Doreen McElroy on the eighth; and Charity and Chris Fint will celebrate on the 13th. Happy birthday to all. Mary Helen, Wanda’s sister, would have had a birthday on the fourth.
Election Day will have come and gone by the time you read this. I hope everybody exercised the privilege, whatever candidate you might have favored. We will celebrate Veterans Day Friday. A lot of blood has been shed for this country’s rights and privileges over the years. The democratic form of government may not be the most efficient way of governing and sometimes we get it wrong, but it is government by the people. And people should take it seriously and at least try to vote. Good luck to the winners, and let’s hope that we voted in the right ones to govern our state for the next four years.