Realtor Corner: As the weather warms, more people may look for new home

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By Joan Kincaid

At last the snow has melted, the bulbs are sprouting, and the home hunters have started their search for just that right home at the perfect location.  They are looking for the community that is a better place for not only their family but for generations to come.
Every realtor has a diversity of ideals and perspectives as to just what is available and best for the home hunter.  
However, as the home hunter you need to participate in sharing all details of what you are looking for when talking to your realtor.  The decision is yours and the time is now.
A Chinese proverb said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Just remember that you must start before you can finish.  You may wonder why I said the time is now.  
There are five financial reasons for taking the leap into homeownership:
1. Increase net worth: Homeowners are worth 30 times more than renters.
2. Investment benefits: You are paying for housing whether you buy or rent.  Invest your dollars in something you own rather than paying a landlord.
3. Home equity: Equity in your home can help pay for college, retirement, and major life events.
4. Tax benefits: Homeowners may deduct  mortgage interest and property taxes from their income.
5. Savvy financial habits: Owning a home means more financial responsibility and encourages better savings and spending habits.                                                                                                                          
The five financial reasons were published in Realtor, a publication of the Kentucky Association of Realtors in the spring 2014 issue.
According to NAR’s 2013 profile of home buyers and sellers, the typical home buyer searches for 12 weeks and views 10 homes.
On the national stage, total home sales for 2103 were the highest since 2006 and home prices increased 11.5 percent.  Record low mortgage rates has helped giving the buyers more house for their money. We will see how Kentucky and Owen County does for 2014.
Spring is here and enjoy your search for your new home.

Joan Kincaid is a former Owen County Clerk and a realtor with Golden Triangle Realty.