Rate hike announced by electricity provider

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By The Staff

The Kentucky Public Service Commission recently granted a rate increase to Winchester-based East Kentucky Power Cooperative, the wholesale electric power supplier for Owen Electric Cooperative and 15 other member cooperatives.
The PSC approved the rate increase for service rendered on and after Jan. 14.
According to a statement released by the company, EKPC sought the rate increase to “strengthen its financial condition and continue building equity.”
“As a not-for-profit cooperative, Owen Electric must pass along this increased cost from our power supplier to retail members,” said Whitney Duvall, a spokesperson for Owen Electric. “The increase is going to add about $4.28 to the average monthly bills of our residential members.”
The PSC conducted a public hearing on the case in December prior to announcing the decision.
Officials at Owen Electric urged people to take advantage of free programs it provides that can help people cope with rising energy costs.
“We can help members to improve the energy efficiency of their homes or businesses,” Duvall said. “We provide energy analyses, along with our ‘Button-Up’ and other energy-saving programs. We can help people pinpoint the areas where they can save.”
Most homes have many places where air from the outside leaks into the living areas, which drives up monthly bills. In addition, older homes typically do not have proper insulation in attics and crawl spaces.
“The ductwork in the average home has 30-percent air leakage,” Duvall said. “Leaks around your doors and windows often can be repaired at little cost, and that can dramatically improve energy efficiency.”
Owen Electric offers “Simple Savings” energy-information bulletins and videos that provide step-by-step instructions to prevent wasting energy.
The information is available at www.owenelectric.com. Other valuable tips can be found at www.togetherwesave.com.