Quiet but chilly end of the year

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Kay’s Branch News

By Bee Spicer

Christmas 2010 is over, in fact 2010 is almost over.
It’s been a good year, if you’ve lived through it without accident, illness, or financial loss. When you get to my age, just to have lived through is a blessing.
Our family as a whole had a good holiday. We got to meet, greet and eat with each other. John, Bayley, Ann and Tutt came on Christmas afternoon to open gifts and have an early supper. Teri’s family was here the week before. I have a call from Rita saying they had a good Christmas, too. Johnny Bob is doing fine now. Pat’s daughter got home from Nashville and got to stay a couple of days with her. Teri e-mailed me to say they had just gotten back from Laurie’s home in Shelby County where all the Perkins brothers except Kenny and Larry, who live in Florida, gathered to celebrate the holiday. She said they had a very good day.
We called off church Sunday morning. The roads weren’t that bad, but I think everybody just wanted to stay inside and debrief after the week of cold, snow and Christmas cheer. I thought we might get called off so I went to the church Friday morning to pick up the books so I could work on them over the weekend and be ready for the new year. To my surprise, the first thing I saw as I started across the intersection at T’s store was a yellow tape and the front of a burnt-out building. The little shotgun house next to Doreen’s building, better known as the Out Post, had burnt in the wee hours of Friday morning. I called Doreen to find out what happened. Tom Lancaster owns the house now and had it rented to a family. Luckily, they weren’t at home. She said the first she knew about it was the sirens on the fire trucks. She didn’t know who discovered it, but it was fully engaged when the fire department got there. She said they really did a terrific job of keeping it from spreading and stayed till up in the morning seeing that every spark was out. I noticed that there was a lot of cut firewood lying about that had been pulled away from the structure. They haven’t as yet discovered the cause of the fire.
Wanda said they had their Christmas breakfast at the post office on Tuesday, to officially kick off the meet, greet and eat holiday. She and Barbara had a nice visit with Lela Maude Hawkins on Thursday. Wanda said she had her house decorated with a little help from Linda Carol, and was cooking for her family dinner on the next day. She is 93 and doesn’t seem to age at all. We think she must have a “Dorian Gray” picture in her attic. Way to go, girl. They also made holiday visits to the Hollands, Fords and Bruce and Fay. All were looking forward to the family get-togethers during the holiday.
Wanda spent Christmas Eve with Barbara and David to share a meal and watch the grandchildren open their gifts. Christmas day, it was the whole family at Joyce’s house. She said Bryan and the kids took advantage of Joyce’s downhill sloping driveway and went sledding. It is steep enough to give them a good ride but not so hard walking back to the top. They went back Sunday to clean up the leftovers and more sledding. Charlie couldn’t join them this year because he had to work on Chirstmas day cleaning the highways. We want to extend a “Good job, fellas” to all the road crews who kept our roads passable so we could get to Grandma’s house this December.
Lou Ann is in Owenton hospital. She had the MRI on Tuesday but with the holidays, results have been slow. As of Friday morning, she still didn’t know what they would have to do to fix her problem. We hope she is better and home soon.
I learned that Eva Mae Giles is in the hospital too. She fell and broke her hip and has taken pneumonia. She is 100 years old and has lived alone till just recently. Our prayers and good wishes go out to her, too.
If  the weatherman can be believed, the new year will come in on a much milder note. This has been a year of weather extremes. Record rain in the early spring, record heat during late July and August, drought, then record rain again in November. December brought us record cold and snow. We had a hurricane, tornado, flood and wind, not necessarily all at the same time. The only thing we missed this year seems to be earthquakes. If you like living in Kentucky, be prepared, it could happen.
On that note, I will wish everybody a very happy and prosperous new year.