Property transfers - July 2013

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Tim Hudnall Sr. and Stacy Hudnall to Timmy Wayne Hudnall Jr. and Kim Hudnall, A Hammond Road.
Donnie Kinder to Robert P. Collins Jr. and Elaine P. Collins, Ky. 355, $84,000.
Patrick and Kalie Clifton to Robert and Joyce Clifton, O’Banion Lane.
John Doolin, Pamela Doolin, Bank of America Na., BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Gold Valley Real Estate Investors Inc. and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, tract 14, Rose Farm Division.
Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Ryan Daniel and Linda Robb, Glenwood Hall Resort.
David C. and Denise M. Gehring to Mark W. and Vicki S. Boerger, Elk Lake Shores Subdivision, $145,000.
Jeff Wuebben to Kelvin Smith, Eagle Creek Subdivision, lot 47 and 48, $10,000.
Robert L. Collier III and Joanna M. Collier to Diane C. Adams, Perry Park Resort, lot 1C35, $106,000.
Billy James Stewart, the Unknown Spouse of Billy James Stewart, 21st Mortgage Corporation, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., Associates Housing Finance LLC, First Farmers Bank and Trust Co. and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to 21st Mortgage Corporation, Cull Road.
Ashley G. Young and Amanda J. Young to Ashley G. Young, East Adair.
Sidney V. and Janet L. Gerber to James E. and Donna M. Radebaugh, $175,000.
Wallace and Shelby J. Prince to Harold B. Rouse Jr. and Sarah Corbett, Timberwood Lakeshores, $110,000.
Joshua Lee York, Anthony Lee York and Theresa York to Herbert R. and Jerri L. Johnson, Glass Lane.
Christopher Dempsey, Karen S. Dempsey and Karen S. Wainscott to Cynthia C. Snell, Old Sweet Owen Road, $96,000.
Rodney and Terri A. Miller to Joseph V. and Carolyn Miller, lot 70 and 71, Elk Lake Shores Subdivision, $52,350.
Scott and Heather Risch to Linda Phelps Webster, Greenacres Subdivision, $138,500.
Bank of America Na. to Federal National Mortgage
James Allen and Jenny Coyle and Mark R. Cobb Trustee to James Allen and Jenny Coyle.
Douglas Lubbe, Doug Lubbe, Letitia Lubbe, GMAC Mortgage LLC, Commonwealth of Kentucky Finance and Administration and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to Federal National Mortgage Association.
Keith Riley to William A. Bell and Owen Tree Hill Farms LLC, $200,000.
Michael Lee York to Christopher F. and Jessica M. Robinson, $5,000.
Rondel H. and Donna Raye Dunavent to George E. and Elizabeth Dunavent, $6,000.
Rondel H. and Donna Raye Dunavent to Danny W. and Judith L. Jacobs, $122,000.
Danny and Sheila Messer to Daniel R. and Amanda Withrow, lot 7, Caney Creek Subdivision, $25,000.
David and Beverly Book to Orville William and Linda Sue Mefford, $500.
Louis and Carol Cahill to Wendell F. Saylor, lot 2, Perry Park Resort, $30,750.
Martin and Joyce Mueller to Justin and Christy Johnson, lots 818 and 819, Elk Lake Shores, $29,000.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Federal Housing Commissioner to Lacey Caldwell.
Par-Tee LLC. to Earl D. and Mary R. Breeden, lot 3A11, Riverlake Subdivision, $7,000.
Carl D. Davis to Kentucky American Water.
Allen L. Davis to Kentucky American Water.
Frank Barberick and Bruce Kingan to Ralph E. Kingan, Wilderness Country Estates, $24,000.
Larry Chandler, Brenda K. Stamper and Gerald R. Stamper to Max Allen and June Gail Chandler.
Max Allen and June Gail Chandler to Larry Chandler.
Robert and Suzanne K. Wade to Richard W. and Jennifer L. Swisshelm, lot 775 and 776, Elk Lake Shores Subdivision, $42,500.
Jo Ann E. Hoh to William and Jo Ann Hoh Living Trust, Old Owenton-Georgetown Road.
Earl C. and Gladys Scheidler to Timothy J. Scheidler, Perry Park Resort.
Charlene Douglas, Karl Phillip Douglas and Karl Phillip Douglas Jr. to Cinfed Employees Federal Credit Union, Ky. No. 330 – Corinth and Lusby.
Ronald Lee Ison, Patricia Ison and Pamela Joyce Burton to Timberwood Lake Shores Association Inc., lot 11, Timberwood Lakeshores, $600.
Rose M. Young to Mary Jo Pickett, lot 21 and 22, Timberwood Lakeshores, $2,750.
Marjorie A. Lyon to Mark and Gina Lyon.
Jerry and Donna Duncan to Duane and Marilyn Lamont, US Route #127, $14,000.
Nicholas S. Rose, Bank of America Na., BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to Bank of America Na., Ky. Route #35.
Jeffrey T. and Michelle D’Amico to Jeffrey T. and Michelle D’Amico, On the Banks of Brush Creek.
Grace Tolbert and Elisha Tolbert to Paulette Tolbert.
John D. Humble Jr. and Sharon P. Humble to Troy B. Oliver, Sparta-New Liberty Pike, $120,000.
Mary Ann M. Bromwell and Paul D. Bromwell to Karen Minelli-Brunner and Merle D. Brunner Jr., lot 18, Riverlake Subdivision, $85,000.
Julia M. Adams, Peoples Bank & Trust Company, Capital One Bank Na., Asset Acceptance LLC, Discover Bank and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to Peoples Bank & Trust Company, Hide-A-Way Hills.
Paul F. and Deborah F. Chisholm to Cynthia A. and Darryl D. Dover, Dudley Pike, $191,000.
Paul S. Craigmyle, Melody Craigmyle, Betty Sue Lusby and Barbara Craigmyle to Neil T. and Rebecca S. Bucalo, $4,500.