Property transfers - February 2013

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Jean Allen Smith and Jean A. Smith to Chad B. Smith.
David and Brenda Bruce to Andrew and Anne P. Cammack, $25,000.
Samuel Rain Moore to Wisdom Vince Moore, lot 27, Eagle Creek Campground.
John L. Wilson, John Wilson, Rhodea L. Wilson, Wells Fargo Bank Na., United States of America and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Highway 227.
Kenneth and Nancy Bowen to Paul and Felicia Hollis, tract #2, Bowen Land Division, $25,000.
Dale McKinney Estate to Elk Lake Property Owners Association, lot 328, Elk Lake Shores Subdivision, $500.
Freddie E. Hawkins to Kash Carmack, lot 8D and 8C, Eagle Creek Campground, $6,000.
Eric Chase and Amanda Marie Bassham to Sylvia J. Townsend, lots 297 and 298, Hide-A-Way Hills Subdivision.
Jane Ayres to Robert Charles Ayres and David Allen Ayres.
Billie Jo Ashcraft to William P. and Julie M. O’Banion, $150,000.
William P. and Julie M. O’Banion to Golden Triangle Logistics LLC.
Jerry and Sandra J. Stafford to Chris Cammack, Ky. Route #22, $16,000.
Joe and Natasha Taylor Goodrich to Tina Gail Olds, Lake Road, $8,000.
Steven C. and Claudia L. Dickman to Claudia L. Dickman, lot 24, Riverlake Subdivision.
Claudia L. Dickman to Owen L. and Elaine Morrison, lot 24, Riverlake Subdivision.
Colson and Jessica Stephens to Thomas Neal, Eagle Creek Subdivision.
Sheryl Lynn Maddox and Daniel W. Maddox, Long Ridge-Jonesville Road.
Dewey A. Peters to Jimmy Peters, lot 55, Eagle Creek Subdivision.
Gary and Mary Mangeot to Jennifer L. Mangeot, Eagle Creek Subdivision.
The Raymond P. Conklin and Marguerit Conklin to Par-Tee LLC, lot 3A69, Perry Park Resort, $5,000.
William J. and Michele L. Schulte to Potter Holdings #2 LLC, Hwy. 22, $98,000.
Monroe Bettner and Charles E. Carter Trustee to Charles E. Carter Trustee, Monroe Bettner and Caroline Marie Webber, Owenton and Balls Landing.
Dominic J. Froelicher, Amy Froelicher and Dawn Hill to Jonathon T. and Rachelle A. Ketron, tract 1, Sweet Owen Road, Howard Rose Jr. Estate, $67,000.
Annie Barrett, Tax Ease Lien Investments 1 LLC., Kentucky Tax Bill Servicing Inc., Southern Tax Services LLC., Peoples Bank & Trust Company, Owen County Kentucky and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to Daryl W. and Ann M. Perkins, Hwy. 227, $4,500.
David A. and Jean Denny to Paul and Melissa Hudnall, lot 32 and 33, Green Acre Drive, Green Acres Estates Subdivision, $19,000.
Lanous R. Stayton to Thomas Neal, lots 45 and 46, Eagle Creek Subdivision.
David S. Towles, David Towles, Stayce E. Towles, BAC Home Loans Servicing Inc. LP and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, parcel 2, lot 2, Elmer Davis Lake.
The Farmers Bank of Milton to David J. Weisgerber Living Trust dated Nov. 30, 2007, David J. Weisgerber Living Trust dated Nov. 30, 2007, James Cooper and Rita Cooper, lot 13 and 14, Eagle Creek Subdivision, $2,500.
Matthew E. and Kelly G. Cammack to Debbie Keith, Kentucky Route #227, $25,000.
Evelyn L. Bourne Estate to Ethan Bush, Owenton and Gratz Road, $98,000.
Ellis Powell to Brenda Weaver, lot 44, Eagle Creek.
Jerry D. Mitchum Jr. and Victoria Lynn Mitchum to Kevin Welsh, Ky. Route 227 (North), $253,500.
Judith A. Mitchell to Lloyd and Judy Gill, lot 36 and 37, Riverlake Subdivision, $107,500.
The Bank of New York Mellon Trustee, JP Morgan Chase Bank Trustee, Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust and Novastar Home Equity Loan Asset-BAC to Pooled Eh 1212 LP, South Madison, $23,300.
Donald and Mary E. Hoop and Jennifer E. Busson Trustee to Jennifer E. Busson Trustee and Donald and Mary E. Hoop, lot 608, Elk Lake Shores.
First Farmers Bank & Trust Co. to Charles Jeffrey Wright, $20,000.
Steve Croy to Matthew Tewell, $130,000.
Timothy B. Rogers to Dennis M. Shaw Jr. and Dennis M. Shaw Sr., Leaning Oak Road, $14,440.91.
James L. Payne to Matthew E. and Kelly G. Cammack, Ky. Route #227 and Ky. Route, $22,000.
Carol Sue Skirvin, William Skirvin, Lynn Annette Skirvin and David C. Skirvin to Jasper and Mary E. Robbins, Eagle Creek Campground.