Professionals sought to share career insight

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By Molly Haines

The staff of two Owen County schools are seeking volunteers to help students make future career decisions.
Maurice Bowling Middle School and Owen County High School will hold an Operation Preparation March 11-15, which will use trained volunteer advisors from the community to discuss career aspirations, required education and training and whether the student is taking the courses recommended to prepare them for the future.
The schools are seeking help from local businesses, organizations, elected officials, government employees, college students, retirees and concerned community members.
Owen County School District Parent Involvement Coordinator Kathy Resetar said all Kentucky school districts are encouraged to participate in Operation Preparation.
“Last year, we had over 40 volunteers. It was wonderful,” Resetar said. “The students really liked it because they got to talk to the adults who were in the field they were interested in. They were able to ask questions from people who know the answers -- like what kind of money they would make and the classes they need to take.”
Volunteers are required to take a 30-minute online training course, as well as sign a non-disclosure for confidentiality.
Those that volunteer can take part in just one session, or sessions every day of the week of Operation Preparation.
Students in grades 8-12 will be matched up with a community advisor to discuss their career choice.
Those interested in volunteering should contact Resetar at (502) 484-4018 or (502) 514-5243 by Jan. 31 so the middle and high school counselors can begin to make individual schedules for each session.
“I think that our community really cares about our students,” Resetar said. “This is a great way for them to get involved in our school district and be a part of what we’re all about – helping them see how they can be more successful in the future.”