Police say robbery was motivation in death of Owen man in California

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By Molly Haines

A recent encounter at a Rialto, Calif., restaurant resulted in the death of a former Owen County man, Lafe Humble, according to a California newspaper, the Daily Bulletin.
Relatives in Owen County said Humble, 46, had been living in southern California for about three months and had moved there in hopes of finding a job.
The Daily Bulletin quoted a policeman, Sgt. Gary Robertson, who said Humble became intoxicated at the El Toro Grill on June 17.
Humble’s life came to an end shortly afterward in a field in San Bernardino.
Authorities said Humble trusted an employee of the restaurant, Lori Anne Whipple, 33, of Fontana, Calif. to drive him home,. They were followed by Gerald Nance, 39, of Rialto, Calif.
According to the Daily Bulletin, police said Whipple and Nance robbed Humble, beat him over the head and then set his 2001 Dodge pickup on fire with his body still inside.
According to a police news release, officers arrested Nance on suspicion of murder June 24.
Whipple was arrested the following Monday.
Both are charged with murder and arson, the Daily Bulletin said.
According to the Bulletin, investigators say Humble came to the El Toro Grill and began drinking, when he ran into Whipple, a part-time employee at the restaurant, and Nance, her friend.
Police said robbery was the motive because Humble’s relatives said he always carried at least $2,000 with him.
According to the Bulletin, Humble left the restaurant around 2 a.m. June 17, with Whipple driving Humble’s pickup and Nance in a separate vehicle.
San Bernardino, Calif. firefighters found Humble’s pickup engulfed in flames in a dirt field later that morning.
Firefighters found Humble’s remains in the truck after the flames were put out.