Plans for center in Monterey progressing

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By Molly Haines

With a board of directors in place, the dream of a Monterey community center could soon become a reality.
Doreen McElroy, a member of the community center’s management team, said the board of directors has begun meeting once a week. Following the board meeting, members of the management team then carry out what they discussed.
The board of directors includes McElroy, Kit Isom, Josey Hazlett, Monterey Mayor Dennis Atha, Jerry Jones and Lee Searce.
“Really the board of directors came together from a group of people that were interested in making this happen,” McElroy said. “Because the City of Monterey still owns the building, we wanted a member of the city council on the board, because the city has to vote on anything that is done with the building.”
A Monterey block party was recently held to raise money for improvements to the building, which is adjacent to the Monterey City Hall.
McElroy said attendance was low for the block party because of the heat.
“It was so hot, but we had a wonderful time,” McElroy said. “We had some really wonderful music and really good food.”
With interest coming from the youth of Monterey, McElroy said she expects more fundraising events to  take place in the near future.
“We’re still working on the roof right now,” McElroy said. “Our next emphasis is to get the wiring repaired. Some ideas for other fundraising events have been discussed, but nothing has been solidified yet.”
For more information on the project, to make a donation, or to volunteer to help, contact McElroy at 484-0945.