Owenton sewer study set to begin this month

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Staff Report
Kentucky American Water will soon launch a comprehensive assessment of its sanitary sewer system in Owenton.
The company, which has been in the planning stages of the sanitary sewer system study for the past few months, said in a release that the 10-month project is scheduled to begin in mid-February
Sewer lines will be “jetted” to clear away any buildup inside pipes, a common maintenance technique, while digital video equipment will simultaneously travel through the lines to provide a visual look at conditions, according to the statement.
The project will also include smoke testing to help identify possible points of inflow or infiltration into the sewer system, as well as night-time wastewater flow monitoring. Equipment will also capture data on rainfall and wastewater flows. Kentucky American Water has retained the engineering firm O’Brien & Gere for the project.
According to Kentucky American Water president Cheryl Norton the study is part of the company’s commitment to quality infrastructure.
“This type of comprehensive assessment is done periodically to document the condition of the system and help identify and prioritize any needed repairs and maintenance,” Norton said. “Whether waste water or drinking water, all water systems need to be properly maintained and upgraded, and that is a responsibility we take very seriously. This study will provide critical information to guide our ongoing efforts.”
Owenton’s sewer system is a modern sanitary or “separate” system, meaning the pipes that carry sewage from homes and businesses to wastewater treatment plants are separate from the storm water drainage system.
The system transports approximately 300,000 gallons of sewage per day to the wastewater treatment plant.
Prior to conducting smoke testing, the contractor will provide a 48 hour notice to affected residents by way of door-hangers. The door-hangers will inform customers about the testing process, anything that should be done in advance of the work, and will include the contractor’s contact information for any questions or concerns to be addressed.