Owenton police make arrests in connection with park break-ins

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By John Whitlock

Owenton Police have made arrests in connection with three break-ins at the Owen County Fairgrounds.
According to Owenton Police Officer Steve Miller, the break-ins occurred between Sept. 29 and mid October.
Miller said the first instance happened at office of Owen County Director of Parks and Recreation Buck Beverly in the community building near the stage.
Miller said the door was kicked in and about $450 worth of damage was caused.
The suspects are minors and have not been identified by police.
Miller said the suspects weren’t interested in some of the valuables in the office such as a computer and monitor that were left untouched.
“They might have been juveniles just looking to get in a little trouble but when they  destroy property that was paid for by the taxpayers, we are all the victims,” Miller said.
The second instance took place at the baseball field concession stand.
Although the stand is usually empty, Miller said the building contained candy, soft drinks and a cooler, all of which were stolen.
“It was stocked for an upcoming event, Miller said.”All together, they got about $100 worth of merchandise.”
 The third break-in was at the track concession stand, Miller said.
In this instance, the suspects lifted $52 in candy, $5 in hot dogs and about $14 in soda, Miller said.
“This one was stocked by the Owen County Fair Board for some truck pulls,” Miller said.
The arrests came after Owenton police officers got a lead from a suspect in another case.
“(The information) came out during an interview,” Miller said. “(The suspects) had back packs full of candy and they admitted to the other suspect they had broken in to the buildings.
Because of the ages of the suspects, no other information was available.