Owen track team is off and running

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By Brian Blair

The Owen County track team opened up its season last week. The week began at Shelby County and wrapped up at Western Hills on Saturday.

Both the boys and the girls had some good performances.

In the girls’ meet at Shelby County, Rachel Dauwe finished 11th in the 100 Meter Hurdles. Haley Decandia finished 13th and Kelsey Johnson finished 14th. In the 300 Meter Hurdles, Dauwe finished ninth while Kalynn Workman finished in 12th place. In the 800 Meter Run it was Danielle Hoop who ran to a second-place finish.

In the other track events, Megan O’Donnell finished 41st in the 100 Meter Dash while Shelby Ogden and Krystal Webster finished 43rd and 44th. Kayla Prather ran to a 41st-place finish in the 200 Meter Dash. Shayla Lainhart finished 43rd and O’Donnell finished 44th. In the 400 Meter Dash, Ashley Tyler sprinted to a 23rd-place finish while Michaela Gibson finished in 26th position. The 4x100 Meter Relay Team finished 10th while the 4x200 Meter Relay team placed eighth.

In the field events, Kelsey Johnson finished eighth in the discus. Her teammates also did well. Krystal Webster placed 11th, Shayla Lainhart 13th, Megan O’Donnell 15th and Kayla Prather 17th. Haley Decandia placed second in the high jump and Krystal Webster finished fourth in the Shot Put. In the same event, O’Donnell placed 11th, Lainhart 15th and Prather 19th.

For the boys at Shelby County, it was Dylan Hearn finishing eighth in the 110 Meter Hurdles and 18th in the 300 Meter Hurdles. Hearn also ran well in the 400 Meter Dash finishing 18th. Also in the 400 Meter Dash it was Justin Davis finishing 27th, Daniel Cummins 28th and Daniel Powell 33rd.

Also on the track, Koel Webb finished 31st in the 100 Meter Dash while Dylan Mears placed 46th. In the 200 Meter Dash, it was Hearn finishing 34th with Webb finishing 40th, Davis 41st, Austin Willis 48th and Mears 49th. Cody Downey placed 39th in the 800 Meter Run.

During the field event competition, Daniel Cummins placed sixth in the Discus while Dillon Mears placed ninth. Dalton Mears finished 34th, Austin Willis 36th and Daniel Powell 44th. In the Shot Put it was Cummins placing 17th with Dalton Mears 20th, Dillon Mears 22nd, Willis 30th and Powell 34th.

On Saturday at the Wolverine Open hosted by Western Hills, both the boys and the girls were on the track.

For the girls, in the 100 Meter Dash it was Dauwe finishing 51st, Workman 54th, Webster 63rd and Shelby Ogden 65th. In the 200 Meter Dash it was Gibson finishing 31st while Workman finished 40th, Prather 45th, O’Donnell 48th and Ogden 49th. Gibson finished 16th in the 400 Meter Dash with Ashley Tyler finishing 31st. Hoop raced to a fourth-place finish in the 800 Meter Run. Haley Decandia placed 18th in the 100 Meter Hurdles followed by Dauwe in 19th and Johnson in 23rd. Dauwe then finished 14th in the 300 Meter Hurdles with Workman finishing in 17th place. The 4x400 Meter Relay team placed eighth.

In the field events it was Decandia jumping to a second place finish in the High Jump. Johnson finished 28th in the Discus followed by Prather in 31st, Webster 32nd, Lainhart 40th and O’Donnell 41st. O’Donnell and Webster tied for 21st in the Shot Put with Prather placing 29th.

For the boys it was Webb placing 33rd and Hearn 36th in the 100 Meter Dash. In the 400 Meter Dash, Davis placed 24th with Will Dempsey placing 28th, Tyler True 37th and Powell 38th. Hearn placed 10th in the 110 Meter Hurdles and 15th in the 300 Meter Hurdles. Cody Downey placed 60th in the 800 Meter Run.

Cummins placed third in the Discus while his teammate Powell finished 30th. Webb jumped to a 14th-place finish in the Long Jump while Dempsey finished 29th and Downey 31st. Powell finished 18th in the Shot Put with Cummins placing 28th.

The teams will not be back in action again until April 10 at Walton-Verona.