Owen STLP shines in Rupp

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The Student Technology Leadership Program’s sixth-annual state championship was held May 13 in Lexington.
Students from across Kentucky demonstrated real learning in real time with real purpose.
There were more than 39 different competition categories, covering the arts, science, technology, engineering, mathematics and marketable career skills. Students competed in programming, web design, video production, networking, computer repair, video game design and more.
More than 3,000 students and 1,000 adults — including more than 200 judges — attended and supported the state championship of 2010 in Rupp Arena.
For the first time in Owen County, a group of kindergarten students from Owen County Primary School set up a project. These students were led by Kathy Spaulding.
During the past few years, students from Maurice Bowling Middle School have been among the contenders for the top showcase project in the state of Kentucky. This year proved to be no different. Last year they had two projects in the top 10 of the state, and one was crowned the Best Showcase Project in Kentucky.
After the first round of judging, MBMS was the only school to still have three projects still on the floor. These three projects were judged against the other top 61 group projects.
For the second year, MBMS had two projects in the top 10 of the state. Top-10 projects were awarded with Best Showcase Runner-up.
One of MBMS’s top-10 showcase groups was “Go Green to Save Green,” which had worked with the District Energy team this year to create videos and newsletters on ways to save energy within the school district.
Members included Ashton Marcum, Kelsey Burke, Hailey Chappell, Destiny Young, Molly Gamble and Jade Garnet.
The other top-10 showcase group was “One Dream, One Hope, One Fight.” It was another community service project that worked with the local Relay for Life. This group manages the American Cancer Society website for Owen County and also creates many publications for Relay for Life. Members include Hannah Runion, Cheyene Gaines, Veronica Chisholm, Jessica Willhoite, and Suzanna Cooke.
The third MBMS group to receive a STLP award this year was “Don’t Just Witness, Improve Your Fitness.” It was one of the top 61 projects. This group worked with students at MBMS to provide more fitness opportunities at school. These members included Kennedi Dermon, Shelby Gambrell, Katie Bihl, and Makenzie Fitzgerald.