Owen landscaper looks to sow the seeds of success

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By Molly Haines

When local man Clark Roberts received a degree in landscape design, he was offered a job with a Disney World landscaping team – but nothing could keep him away from Owen County.

Roberts recently began his own landscaping business, Four Seasons, which specializes in mulching, hedging and also offers year-round maintenance.

Roberts said his love for landscaping began when he was a teenager, attending Owen County High School.

“I started doing landscaping while I was in high school,” Roberts said. “I had two teachers who really encouraged me and helped me along the way.”

Through high school and then college, Roberts has slowly built his business up and currently has around 50 clients.

Roberts, who did landscaping jobs away from Owen County during college for credit, said working away from home was never quite the same.

“I’ve always liked the personal aspect of the job,” Roberts said. “Working away from Owen County I never got to know who I was working for very well and here I know all of my clients.”

“I have a variety of customers,” Roberts said. “Some who come back each year, some who I do maintenance for each season and some do-it-yourself customers who I use my computer automated design program for and they take it from there.”

Roberts uses the computer automated design program to give customers a virtual tour of their yard.

“I go to their home and take pictures of the area they would like landscaped,” Roberts said. “I put the pictures into the program and can show them what their yard would look like once finished.”

Roberts, who is a member of the Health and Safety Wellness Partnership of Owen, said he likes to keep as much of his business in Owen County as possible.

“I use plants and supplies from local nurseries,” Roberts said. “I try to keep the majority of the business within the county, though there are some things that I can’t get here and have to go to other places for.”

“It’s a fully insured business,” Roberts said. “I feel that makes it more professional and we have the ability to provide full coverage.”

Customers can contact Roberts at (502)750-3830, or by e-mail at clark4seasons@gmail.com.