Owen Historical Society News: Kindness can still be found across America

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By Bonnie Strassell

“The American people are amazing.”

These words summarized the enthusiastic description of a bike trip across America. The May trek was achieved by Bro. Greg Guy, pastor of First Christian Church in Owenton, and his daughter, Judith.
Bro. Greg was the special guest and featured speaker at the historical society Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday. His energy was contagious as the audience traveled alongside him on his rigorous yet rewarding journey through the towns, cities and countryside of our great land.
Beginning their journey in California, Bro. Greg and Judith rode their 18 speed bikes through the rainy Northwest, into the passes of Idaho and across northern United States to their journey’s end in Norwalk, Connecticut.
Pastor Guy’s stories were as variegated as the land he traveled. His description of the attempt to stuff too much in their packs and their realization they couldn’t take it all, brought laughter from the attentive crowd.
The duo were touched by the kindness and hospitality of the people they met along the way. On the two month journey some helped guide them to better routes of travel, while others offered a night’s respite in their homes or a place to camp for the night. 
One kind woman’s offer of a campsite along the river or a bunkhouse nearby brought a moment of undecision. However, after being informed that grizzly bear roamed the area, Bro. Greg and Judith unanimously elected the safer surroundings of the wooden structure.
Braving inclement weather and many blown inner tubes, the pair biked five hours a day at the beginning of their journey, ending up daily pedaling up to 10 hours.
Bro. Greg’s months of training paid off on his arduous trip. Many times he biked to Frankfort and back, and there’s no denying his journeys biking up Squiresville Road added strength to his leg muscles.
People all across America were anxious to help this father and daughter achieve their goal; and in turn the kindless of Bro. Greg Guy was extended to them. The slender, soft-spoken pastor from Owenton journeyed across this land, reached out to the people he met and offered them a piece of Kentucky.
The historical society Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success. Familiar faces, along with those we haven’t seen in awhile, joined in an evening of fellowship and a cornucopia of food. Our thanks to Tom and Mary Lou Morrison for the tender moist turkey they prepared and for Jim Acton’s expert carving of the succulent meat. Liz Dunavent prepared a mountainous pot of mashed potatoes and Larry Dale Perry baked rolls, made coffee and tea and in his usual efficient manner guaranteed the success of the dinner. Our thanks is also extended to everyone who brought covered dishes. All of you assisted in providing a wonderful meal and a delightful evening.
Our pork BBQ dinner was also a success. We served many hungry friends and families and are so grateful for Owen countians who make such a grand effort to support us. The Owen County Historical Society will continue to serve the people of Owen and we are pleased so many of you have joined in our endeavors.
To show our gratitude and to encourage new members to join, we have decided that our dues will be reduced to $20 if you join or rejoin by December 31. Dues come up in January and will be $25 so this is an opportunity to save money and a chance to partner with us in the preservation of Owen County history.
Our Christmas party will be held at the historical society museum this year. All members and their families and friends are asked to bring a finger food and a small gift (costing no more than $5) for a game. Plan on joining us Dec.13 at 6:30 p.m.
We are in the process of planning programs for next year. If there is a program you would like to be presented or a speaker you would like to hear please contact us. Also remember to take a look at our website. Christina Rice spends countless hours updating information, so if you want to know about upcoming events, books for sale, and museum hours please visit us at www.owencohistory.com.