Owen Historical Society News: Farming history is linked to these machines

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By Bonnie Strassell

Displaying a variety of colors and sizes they proudly lined up side by side. Some quite obviously showed their age, and although they certainly had more experience, nevertheless they didn’t seem to mind sharing the limelight with the younger set. They boasted names such as Minneapolis Moline, Farmall, Allis-Chalmers, Power King, Massey-Ferguson, and Ford 8N.
Their owners gathered to discuss various topics, but invariably the conversation always strayed to tractors as stories abounded of repairing, repainting, and renovating. Owen County need never fear their farming history will disappear as each year it is relived at the tractor show sponsored by the Heritage Power Club.
Johnny Stewart and his wife, Sarah, are the energetic driving force behind the event. Pouring rain greeted Saturday’s crowd, but nothing could deter the participants from the palpable excitement experienced only by those who know and love tractors.
I must offer my humble apologies to Sarah as I had mentioned her in a previous article as “Beth.” After reading my column, a neighbor of the Stewarts stopped by and asked Johnny to be introduced to his new wife. He then showed a puzzled Johnny Stewart my article and commented that Johnny’s supposed wife “Beth” looked exactly like his wife Sarah. At least I believe I spelled the names of the tractors correctly this time.
Last year I took a razing from Gary Duvall at Southern States for referring to Allis-Chalmers as “Alice”-Chalmers. You can only expect so much from a city gal.
The historical society is in the process of installing a new mantle in the parlor of the museum in honor of Lori Powers.
The project should be finished in the next few weeks and then the work of other needed repairs will be tackled. If anyone would like to donate to our repair fund we would appreciate your contribution. Just like people, houses get old and need attention, so please consider us as we strive to keep the museum open and the history of Owen County preserved.
Helen Bourne graciously donated information on the Quisenberry family for our research room. We are grateful to anyone who contributes to our growing files of Owen County families. Our research room is becoming  popular as people are more aware and interested in their genealogy. Please visit us, and if you have any questions on researching your family Christie Kennedy is available on Wednesdays from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. to help you.
Charlie Harmon stopped in the museum several weeks ago looking for information on Sarah E. Coston (also spelled Colston, Coulson, and Colson) She married John Quimby Marksberry and she had four children, Delphes, Eura Mae, Cecil, and Hannah. If anyone has information on Sarah who was born 1868 and died between 1900-1910 please contact Charlie Harmon, (513) 489-1363, or email Charmon9@cinci.rr.com.
I have had several inquiries as to the date of release for a book Christina Rice and I are writing on Owen County connections in the War of 1812. The painstaking research and the task of transforming all the information into an interesting story has taken an enormous amount of time and effort. Hopefully we will soon have a book which will be of great interest not only to Owen countians but also to those who have a desire to read about patriots and their sacrifices.
We have a new book for sale in the museum about the Bonnie Belle, a steamboat which plied the Ohio River. It was written by a Dry Ridge author and is available for $27.00. This book will fit in with our next historical society meeting July 12. Our special guest will be Charlie Moormon from the Cincinnati Museum Center. Charlie presents programs on steamboats on the Ohio and Kentucky Rivers and we look forward to his stories of the boats which were a familiar sight in the early years of Owen County.
There will be a historical society board meeting tomorrow evening at 6:30 p.m. at the I.O.O.F. hall. To conduct the business of the society it is important for all board members to attend. Committee members are also welcome as their input is greatly appreciated.