Owen High made bad parade decision

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I always thought homecoming was a tradition of students, past, present and future, so I’m shocked and disappointed to learn that this year everyone except the high school is excluded from the homecoming parade.  I’m especially disappointed that the undefeated MBMS Rebel football team and the youth football teams, which are the feeder program to the high school football program are excluded from this tradition.
I also find it interesting that most of the middle school football team members have been included in the parade since they were in first grade. 
These boys are also encouraged, as part of their commitment, to regularly attend high school football games, and support the team they will become.  When I asked the parade coordinator at the high school about this decision, her response was “We are wanting to bring homecoming back to the high school students. It was getting a little out of hand. Figured anybody not high school affiliated could do the Rotary parade.” 
As educators, parents and community it is our charge to praise, encourage, pray for and recognize our children every step of the way.  It’s my opinion that any child who is involved and accomplishing something, (scouts, fair winners, youth soccer, youth cheerleading, etc.) should be included in homecoming festivities.  After all, the best way to instill high school team spirit is to involve all community members all the time. Isn’t the goal here Rebel pride? I think Owen County High School has made yet another poor decision.
Thank you,
Jennifer Duncan