Owen County Youth Soccer League results

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Orange Crush – 4 vs. Team Turtleman – 4
 In a very tight match, both Orange Crush and Team Turtleman displayed all the skills they’ve developed over the course of the season. The outcome was uncertain until the final whistle was blown.
 Leading Orange Crush in scoring was Brady Kemper who finished with two. Avery Miller and Ashton Moore each added one. Kemper, Miller and Moore provided quality minutes stealing the ball from Team Turtleman and making runs toward the goal. All three took multiple shots on goal. Kailyn Duncan, Anna Riddle, Kaileigh Grider, James Grider and Jackson Swigert played great defense stopping runs by Team Turtleman.
 Lilly Baumann powered two goals to the back of the net for Team Turtleman. Josie Bruener and Emma Dorton each had one. This was Dorton’s first soccer goal. She took a long shot – close to midfield and drilled the ball to the back of the net. Ford Cull played another great game while he was goalie. Ellie Blair, Brax Ward, Lindsey Hobbs and Katie Fisk played a great game moving the ball to open space and taking shots on goal.
HotShots – 2 vs. Team Clemons – 1
The HotShots had to play hard with only six players available and no subs. They didn’t tire down and gave 110 percent the entire game. Gabi Stewart scored her first goal of the season in the first quarter off a cross from Hayden Wilson. Kallista Ogden and Alexa Clifford worked hard in the goalie position and saved many shots on goal. Landen Perkins made their job much easier by attacking the ball in the midfield. Lilly Chappell cinched the win by scoring with an excellent corner kick for the final goal.
Team Turtleman – 2 vs. Big Monsters – 1
In their second game of the day, Team Turtleman walked away with the win. And, this was their final game of the season. Lilly Baumann and Lindsey Hobbs scored the goals for Team Turtleman. Each player for Team Turtleman played hard while on the field and showed off all the skills they’ve learned over the season.
Brax Ward, Katie Fisk, Josie Bruener, Ellie Blair, Emma Dorton, Ford Cull, Baumann and Hobbs each improved in various aspects of the game and are looking forward to the spring season.
The Big Monsters played a great defensive game holding Team Turtleman to only one goal. Price Griffin had eight saves as goalie and scored the goal for the Big Monsters. Layne Baxter played an incredible game both on the field and as goalie. He made 10 saves and threw the ball back to his teammates near midfield.