Owen County Property Transfers for November

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Bank of America Na. to Hometown Community Development Corporation and Homestrong USA, Adair Street, $67,800.
Michael Kelley, BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP, Commonwealth Credit Union, Commonwealth of Kentucky, County of Owen, City of Owenton, City of Owenton and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner, Adair Street.
Welty Enterprises Inc. to John F. Wood, Eagle Creek Campground, $18,000.
John F. and Mabel Wood to Anthony Hehe, Eagle Creek Campground, $18,000.
Anthony and Teresa Hehe to Joseph Hehe, Eagle Creek Campground, $18,000.
Savannah Lee Eckart and Ronald Andrew Eckart to Kim Anderson, West Seminary Street, $72,500.
Anthony Wayne Johnson to Ginger Mullins, Lots 80 and 81 and 1979 14 x 60, Eagle Creek Subdivision.
RCE Properties to Carrollton Utilities.
Mitzy L. Evans and Sidney Ford to Carrollton Utilities.
Owen County Fiscal Court to Carrollton Utilities.
Gary Minch and Verna Stewart to Carrollton Utilities.
Charles Jeffrey Wright to Carrollton Utilities.
Billy Johnson and Jeanne Johnson to Andrew L. and Barbara M. Johnson, On the Waters of Eagle Creek
Merril D. Flanary and Maureen C. Hall to Robert E. and Kathy I. Bender, Elk Lake Shores Subdivision, $135,000.
Todd C. Brown to Carrollton Utilities.
Jonathan B. Hearn, Jonathan B. Hearn, Johnny J. Hearn, the Unknown Spouse of Jonathan B. Hearn, the Unknown Spouse of Jonathan B. Hearn, the Unknown Spouse of Johnny J. Hearn, Beverly K. Hearn, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc., lot 8, East Ridge Subdivision.
Audrey Hudgins to Logan Tandy Hudgins.
Lela Maude Hawkins to Kentucky American Water.
Albert A. Wingate Jr. to Kentucky American Water.
Eugene and Dorothy Smith to Kentucky American Water.
John P. and Mary M. Cobb to Kentucky American Water.
Jacobs Farms Limited Liability Company to Kentucky American Water.
Tony L. Haynes, the Unknown Spouse of Tony L. Haynes, Michael W. Taulbee, First National Bank of Carrollton and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to Bill Prewitt, Sanders and New Liberty Rd.
Mararet M. Ballard to John Lewis Ballard, Hwy. 127 S.
Margaret M. Ballard to Johnny and Shirley Ballard, land near Point of Rock.
Scotland Properties LLC. to Norman B. O’Banion, Minor Subdivision, $59,900.
Thomas L. Wright and Sondra L. Mullikin to Thomas L. Wright, Pleasant Grove Road.
T&C Toole LLC to Carrollton Utilities.
Victor and Patricia Dietz to Carrollton Utilities.
Charles Erwin Schimmoeller and Laurie L. Schimmoeller to Mark E. Schimmoeller, Jennifer A. Lindberg, Christina E. Schimmoeller, Joel J. Dufour, Katrina K. Peiffer and Timothy V. Peiffer, Land in Owen County.
Vickie Prather Banks and Betty Prather to Chad A. and Ashley M. Scott, Greenup Fork Pike, $40,000.
Geneva Yager to Daniell Leeke, lot 3, Perry Park Subdivision.
John F. and Betty S. Lloyd to Bradley James Schultz and Jeanne Marie Schultz, lot 14, Elmer Davis Dam Road, James Boling Division, $34,000.
Bryan K. Osborne, Lisa Osborne and Charles E. Carter Trustee to Charles E. Carter Trustee, Bryan K. Osborne and Lisa Osborne, J. Pruett Road, Hidden View Subdivision, $21,000.
Sallie Robinson and Sally Robinson to Gerald T. Kemper and Alvin Stephen Reeder, Holbrook Lane, Highlawn Addition.
Blackwell Eleanor Runyon Eaton to Jordan D. and Leisa M. Stanton, State Route 330, $60,000.
Leisa Marie Herndon to Michael Henry Herndon, Kentucky Hwy. 1316.
Countryside Properties LLC to Dwayne and Lezba Smith, tract 13, Pleasant Grove Road, Wilderness Country Estates, $35,000.
Robert and Linda Osborne to Carrollton Utilities.
Paul H. Gamm and Lee Ann Gamm to G&S Partnership, Bryan Alley, $92,500.
Bill Prewitt to Raul and Hermelinda Perez, Sanders and New Liberty Rd., $29,952.94.
Donald C. Guy, the Unknown Spouse of Donald C. Guy, Citibank (South Dakota) Na., Unifund CCR Partners, Phoenix Credit LLC. and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to Marhall R. and Judy F. Beverly.
Dwight L. Wallace and Dr. Dwight L. Wallace to Kelvin R. Smith, Eagle Creek Subdivision, $25,000.
Dwight L. Wallace and Dr. Dwight L. Wallace to Rick and Kathy Smith, Eagle Creek Subdivision, $38,503.56.
William R. and Alma Joann Hazelwood to Donna S. Oakes, lot 4, Davis Lake Road, Kemper Rose Subdivision, $105,000.
Bessie E. Martin to Eugene L. Cahill, Kentucky Route #1670, $1.
Susan Fuller, David Fuller, Margina Grow and Eric Grow to Gilbert H. and Alice R. England, U.S. Hwy. 227, $68,000.
Penny Minch to Jonny and Jonathan M. Minch, Owenton and Stamping Ground.
Penny Minch to Jonny and Jonathan M. Minch, U.S. Hwy. 227.
James D. Watkins, Ruth Ann Watkins, Thomas R. Watkins, Louise Watkins, Patricia Vonbokern and Gerald Vonbokern to Anthony Jerome Longo, New Liberty and Sparta Road, $102,000.
Bank of America Na., BAC Home Loans Servicing LP and Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP to Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association.
Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association to Gregory and Carrie Wilhoite, Ky. 22