Owen County Property Transfers for June

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Brenda Yevon House to Angel Guyan, Herman Green Road.
James D. and Teresa L. Fraley to Bruce G. Anderson, $85,000.
Jennifer Clifton to Patrick Clifton.
The Estate of Kevin Parson to David G. Webster, lots 47-50 Eagle Creek Camp, $8,000.
Deborah Kay Keith to Phillip Keith, Parcel B, $500.
Deborah Kay Keith to David and Mary Ann Works, Ky. Route #845, $171,500.
Carl J. and Mary K. Tackett to Kenneth L. and Victoria L. Marhoffer, lot 79, Hide-A-Way Hill Subdivision.
Linda P. Webster to Duane A. and Anne J. Kline, Ky. 36, $151,700.
Helena Z. Lawson Brooks and Randy Brooks to Dan Charles and Mary Jo Walls, Elk Lake Shores Subdivision, $13,500.
Ray and Debra Smith to Larry, David, Jonathan and Jason Smith, Lead Mine Road, $163,000.
Stephen D. and Rebekah B. Collins to Robert A. and Diana R. Mortenson, Ky. Hwy. #355, $55,000.
David and Patsy Weisbach and Mark Burgess to Jennifer Burgess, lots 443 and 444, Elk Lake Shores Subdivision, $34,000.
Three Forks Development Acquisition to Bobby G. and Elnora Roland, Four Mile Land Division, $37,000.
Helena Z. Lawson Brooks and Randy Brooks to Christopher David and Lara Cegala Williams, lot 1157, Elk Lake Shores Subdivision, $27,500.
James M. and Brenda A. Egan to Kimberly Rodgers, lot 14, Perry Park Subdivision, $13,500.
Mary F. Rose, Stuart Bowling, Suzanne Rose Bowling, Stephen R. Wright and Cynthia Rose Wright to Larry and Patricia Rose Greene, Seminary & Roland Avenue, $100,000.
James and Theresa Eby to Edward B. and Vicki E. Ruhe, lot 84 & 85, Elk Lake Shores Subdivision, $157,900.
Robert M. Twedt and Patricia Brumback-Twedt to Harold T. and Tamara L. Poe, Ky. Route #978, $252,000.
Tina Wood, Tina La Shelle Wood, Troy Wood, Troy Dean Wood, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Owen County, PNC Bank National Association, National City Mortgage Co., and Mark R. Cobb Master Commissioner to PNC Bank National Association and National City Mortgage Co., lot 2, Foster Powell Subdivision, Thomas Lake Road.
The Estate of Zeda B. Hayes to Donald J. and Nancy C. Perkins, Beck Street, $54,000.
Janet Holliday to Mark Metsker Sr. and Vicki Metsker, lots 13 and 14, Eagle Creek Subdivision.
Dominic J. Froelicher, Amy Froelicher, David R. Hill, Kimberly Hill, and Dawn Hill to Dominic J. Froelicher and Dawn Hill.
Peoples Bank & Trust Company to Marilyn Harrod, US Hwy. #127, $15,000.
Charles Matthew and Danielle C. Hall to Kevin B. Webster, $75,000.
Paul E. and Mara L. McCalmont to Mary Scollay-Ward and James W. Ward, Bourne-Rose Subdivision, $98,500.
Henry Downs, Mary Jane Downs, Charlotte Jean Childs and Pamela Jo Lawrence to Brian James Dunn and Jessica Dunn, lot 20 and 21, Pike Street, $64,900.
Suzanne Ellis to Calvin Ellis, Sweet Owen Road.
John J. and Karen W. Mefford to Thomas D. and Diane Y. Mefford.
Thomas D. and Diane Y. Mefford to David and Beverly Book, $124,900.
Adam Dwight and Tana Michelle Culbertson to Christopher A. and Helen Emily Bryant, Mussel Shoals Road, $100.
Gloria Jean Pieper Revocable Trust to Daniel R. and Elaine V. Wiegand Groneck, lot 31, Perry Park Resort, $140,000.
Janice L. True to Allen E. Wright, Kentucky Route #330, $12,500.
Marilyn Frances Harrod to Jason Hazelett, O’Banion Lane, $15,000.
Betty Shropshire, Joe Lee Shropshire Jr., Lisa Shropshire, Jeffrey Lee Shropshire and Diane Shropshire to Stanford R. and Michelle L. Patterson, lot 233, Elk Lake Shores Subdivision, $500.
James and Angela Perkins to Rebekah A. and Byron P. Mefford, Owenton-Panther Lick Road, $170,000.
Julie Hill to Kevin Hill, Ky. Route 3215 (Cull Road).
Charlie Cornett Revocable Trust to the Cornett Family,
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Steve Croy.
Colby Brandon and Melissa Criswell to John D. and Kara Criswell, $35,000.
The Estate of Louise Simpson to Elvis and Deborah L. Rose, $130,000.
Joyce Claxon to Ronald T. and Vicky L. Baker, Roberts Road, $4,500.
Charles Steven and Sandra Lee Small to First Farmers Bank & Trust Company, West Seminary.
Mary Margaret Shelton to Mary Leslie Atha, Bridge Street.
William and Mary Leslie Atha to Roger Perkins, Lisa Perkins, Wilbert Perkins and Patsy Perkins, Land on the Waters of the, $200,000.
Eastern Kentucky University Foundation to Donnie and Vickie Hudson, Ky. Route #978.
Michael and Gloria Gillepsie to Christopher J. and Maria D. Baumgartner, lots 393 and 394, Elk Lake Shores, $184,900.
Marvin and Darlene Cull to J.W. and Linda J. Wright, Hwy. 1669, $120,000.
Jerry O’Nan to Uriah Tindle, $50,000.