Owen County High School senior awards 2013

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2013 Departmental Awards:

AP Biology – Mitchell Griffin
APES – Kendall McDonald
Effort and Achievement – Stephanie Stanley
Spanish II – Ashley Byers
Visual Art – Austin Collins
AP Calculus – Samantha Tabor; Mitchell Griffin
College Career Ready Math – Andrea Wash; Ashley Byers
Government and Civics – River Riddle
Accounting and Financial Services – Mariah Derringer
AP Literature – Ashley Byers
Advanced Reading – Aly Minch
Introduction to Chemistry and Physics – Courtney Parr
Math for Business – Shelby Pennycuff; Melissa Utter
AP Chemistry Award – Courtney Waldrop
Technology Design and Application – Zac Widener
Engineering Design – Tyler True
Special Technology Topics – Travis Hearne

Special Awards
Ky. Association of Agriculture Education – Hunter Sutton
National Guard – Samantha Jacobs; James Marston; Zac Widener
Perfect Attendance – Corey Cobb; Mitchull Griffin; Erik Lilly
Billy Ray Cobb Award – Courtney Waldrop; Collin Trammel
Army Athletic Award – Zach Ripy; Courtney Waldrop
National FFA/Napa Auto Parts – Brandon Slusher
Marines Award Most Athletic – Courtney Waldrop; Collin Trammel
Marines Award Academics – Mariah Derringer
Marines Band Award – Tiffany Ohmer
Elks Legacy Scholarship – Keegan Johnson
Tri-State Circuit for Pageantry Arts – Tiffany Ohmer
Owen County Soil Conservation Scholarship – Kendall McDonald; Claire True; Madison Gamble; Hunter Sutton
Bluegrass Indo-American Civic Society  – Felicia Perkins
Elmer S. Stafford Scholarship – Madison Gamble
William C. Parker Scholarship – Madison Gamble
R.C. Durr 4-H Scholarship – Madison Gamble
Robert Krohman Scholarship – Ben Allen
Owen County Farm Bureau – Hunter Sutton; Ben Allen; Julie Spaulding; Andrea Wash
Power of Life Blood Center – Courtney Waldrop
Martha Lee Stamper – Julie Spaulding
James R. Ford Scholarship – Ben Allen; Victoria Allen; Mariah Derringer; Felicia Perkins; Zach Ripy; Julie Spaulding
Rotary Award – Ashley Byers; Collin Trammel
Owen Electric Scholarship – Ashley Byers
Touchtone Energy All “A” Classic Scholarship – Julie Spaulding
KOSSA – Brandon Slusher; Tyler True; Steven Greene; Will Dempsey; Austin Collins; Collin Beckham – ; Elizabeth Lusby; Hunter Sutton; Felicia Neal; Felicia Perkins; Lynsey Farrar
FFA Alumni Scholarship – Hunter Sutton; Lyndsey Farrar
Carl A. Fister Memorial Scholarship – Hunter Sutton
Gen Ray Dusch Scholarship – Kendall McDonald
Carroll Hunt Bourne Scholarship – Mitchell Griffin
Culinary and Food Services Career Major – Samantha Jacobs
Womens Club Award – Andi Wash

College Scholarships
University of Colorado – James Thompson
Berea College – Morgan Walker
University of Kentucky – Felicia Perkins; Tyler True; Madison Gamble
Campbellsville – Nathan Rivera; Thomas Wright
Asbury University – Travis Hearne; Julie Spaulding
Kentucky State University – Kristina Ueltschi; Joanna Lay; Cortney Wainscott
Thomas More College – Cayla Curtis; McKenna Webster; Marly Howe
Northern Kentucky Univ. – Tiffany Ohmer; Katie Veech; Keegan Johnson
The King’s College – Mitchell Griffin
Eastern Kentucky Univ. – Courtney Waldrop; Hayley DeCandia; Justin Shelton
Georgetown College – Olivia Karsner; Tori Allen; Lynsey Farrar
Western Kentucky Univ. – Mariah Derringer
University of Louisville – Ben Allen
Lindsey Wilson – Collin Trammel
Morehead State Univ. – Kendall McDonald; Zach Kent