Owen County High School Graduation 2010

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Students look ahead and remember the past

By Molly Haines

Parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers and friends filled the gymnasium at Owen County High School Friday to watch 102 students take another step into adulthood and to receive their diplomas.


Graduate Daniel Dauwe opened the ceremony with invocation, followed by remarks from Owen County High School Principal Shannon Treece.

Treece said she was proud of each graduate and that their potential was proved by beating their highest CATS scores from last year, 80.6 to 81.

“You are at a point in your life that will define your life. Don’t text your life away,” Treece warned the graduates. “Yes, as a school we know some of you can put a phone in your shoe and text with your toes so you don’t get caught. Clever, ingenious, outrageous ... use that kind of energy to do good in the world.”

Treece said she will miss the class of 2010.

“Remember that I will always think of you as my class and that puts a memory in my brain bank and a grin on my face,” Treece told the graduates. “Perhaps we have a graduate that will cap the BP gulf oil spill. Perhaps we have someone who finds a cure for cancer and we don’t need to do a Relay for Life. Perhaps we produce an electrician who wires houses so they don’t catch on fire. Perhaps – what a big word, but it is a word that fits this class – all is possible.”

David Dauwe, pastor of Lighthouse Church and father of Daniel Dauwe, gave the baccalaureate devotion.

Kayla Smith, who left OCHS two years ago to attend school at the Gatton Academy School of Mathematics and Science at Western Kentucky University, rejoined her old classmates to offer an emotional testament on the different lives they’ll be leading once some begin attending college.

The Gatton Academy School of Mathematics and Science gives students advanced coursework in mathematics, science and other subjects at WKU in fulfillment of high school requirements and the Gatton Academy curriculium.

The OCHS class of 2010 had three valedictorians who addressed their fellow graduates.

Brittany Davis, Mary Kennedy and Lucas Shelton each told their classmates to work hard and be true to themselves.

Kennedy said she had been touched by everyone from classmates all the way up to the administrative level.

“They’ve each influenced the person I am today,” Kennedy said.

Davis was also recognized for being a national merit finalist.

In an interview Monday, Treece said she was always impressed with the class of 2010’s ability to put others before themselves.

“They were always on board with how to make the school a better place,” Treece said. “They were very outgoing, hardworking and all-around just a class with good character. They always showed very strong leadership and loved serving others. This is the class that said they would lower the price of prom tickets and did; this is the class that basically put together the entire Veteran’s Day assembly; and their test scores have always been really sound. They just worked hard.”

Treece said about $380,000 was awarded to the class of 2010 in scholarship money.

“This entire class was just great,” Treece said. “I’m really going to miss all of them.”