Owen County Bus Routes

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Buses return to roads Aug. 11

By The Staff

Bus No. 1 – Driver, Robert Miller: Hwy. 227 from Scott County to school, Harmony Road and Teresita Road.

Bus No. 2 – Driver, Lillian Peace: Sparta, end of two mile Manley, right on 36 to Sanders, backtrack out of Sanders, left on 227 through all of New Liberty to 127 South, 127 through Roland Ave.

Bus No. 3 – Driver, Laurie Stivers: Hwy. 22 from the bus garage to Old Sweet Owen Road, Old Sweet Owen Road to fair grounds, Green Acres Drive, Harris Ridge Road, East Adair, Cardinal Drive, third buses elementary, middle and high school (p.m.).

Bus No. 5 – Driver, Noel True: Bridge Street in Monterey, Point of Rock Road, Burkes Lane, Davis Dam Road, Park Ridge Road, West Adair, Kelly Court, West Perry and North Madison and Raisin Factory (a.m.).

Bus No. 7 – Driver, Cindy Hensley: Hwy. 845 from Lucas Lane to Old Monterey Road, Old Monterey Road, Heath and Kenny Roads, Slippery Rock, Beck Street, Gaines Village Drive and Robin Drive. Third buses elementary and middle to Beck Street and Robin Drive, Raisin Factory (p.m.).

Bus No. 8 – Driver, Melissa Smith: Pleasant Grove Road, Mountain Island Road, Glass Lane, Hwy. 607 from New Columbus to Hwy. 227, Paynes Road.

Bus No. 9: Curtis Smith: Pete Towles Road, Swope Road, Kincaid Lane, Hammond Schoolhouse Road (1883), Breck Road (845) to Hwy. 227.

Bus No. 10 – Driver, Teresa Davis: Hwy. 607 from Hwy. 227 to New Lucas Lane, Hwy. 845 from Lucas Lane to Hesler, Hwy. 227 from Hesler to Breck Road, Hwy. 1883 from Breck to Hwy. 330, Elk Lake, Hwy. 330 and Hwy. 227 to school.

Bus No. 11 – Driver, Connie Hon: Old Sparta Hill to Sparta, Hwy. 35 from Sparta to Bromley, Hwy. 1316. Hwy. 127/35 from Bromley to school, Todds Lane.

Bus No. 17 – Driver, Patsy Fitzgerald: From Fitzgeralds on 355 to Gratz, Fairview Road, Clays Lick Road, Lead Mine Road, Morgan Road, Mint Springs Road, John Saylor Lane, Hwy. 22 from Pleasant Home to Roland Avenue and Gayle Ave.

Bus No. 18 – Driver, Gary Coley: Dividing Ridge and Herman Green Roads, Hwy. 607 from Herman Green to Hwy. 127, Hwy. 127 from Cedar Church to Cemetery Road, Sawridge Creek Road, all of Monterey north of the bridge, Hwy. 127 from Monterey to Loop 3.

Bus No. 22 – Driver, Lucinda Renfro: Fortner Ridge Road, Old Lusby’s Mill, Hwy. 330 from Keefer Road to Breck Road, Breck Road to 227, Mussel Shoals Road, Hwy. 227 from Breck Road to school and Old Greenup Road, Mason Lane.

Bus No. 23 – Driver, Brenda Jividen: Christian Church, Baptist Church, apartments across from Ameristop, Hwy. 127 North to Hwy. 978, Rose Hill Lane, Hwy. 227 toward Wheatley area, Butler Inn Road, Eagle Valley Road and Obbie Cook Drive.

Bus No. 26 – Driver, Roy Marksberry: Hwy. 127 South to Hwy. 978 to Hwy. 227, Hwy. 227 down to Bethel Ridge and Bucks Run onto Eagle Creek Campground, Hwy. 355 to Eagle Creek Resort.

Bus No. 27 – Driver, Mary Lou Gullion: Jonesville on Hwy. 36, Gold Circle Road, Golds Valley, Snell Lane, Handy Lane, left to 845 to Pleasant Ridge Church.

Bus No. 29 – Driver, Judy Smith: Hwy. 355 from Mount Zion Church to Glenwood Hall, Squiresville Road, Hwy. 22 from Squiresville Road to Hide-A-Way Hills only.

Bus No. 30 – Driver, Carol Harrison: Hwy. 607 in New Columbus to Hwy. 330 Dudley Pike, Hwy. 330 from Corinth Lake Road to Hwy. 227, Canby Lane and Glenn Road, Carr Lane.

Bus No. 34 – Driver, Susan Wheeler: Hwy. 355 at Glennwood Hall Post Office to Hwy. 325 to Hwy. 1669 and Ball Ridge Road, Sharon Glass Road, Hwy. 325 to Hwy. 227, Cull Road to Hwy. 22.

Bus No. 35 – Driver, Patsy Ball: Hwy. 22 from county line to school, Hwy. 845 to Pleasant Ridge Church, Agee Road, Vance O’Banion, Lyons Lane, Eden Shale Road and O’Banion Lane.

Bus No. 36 – Driver, Tamara Morris: Hwy. 127 from the Franklin County line, Gills Branch Road, Morgadora Connector, Old Frankfort Pike to 607 (Frank Clark Road), Hwy. 355 to Old Landing, Browns Bottom Road, Gratz, Hwy. 22 to Pleasant Home.

Bus No. 37 – Driver, Michele Heuser: Maddox Ridge Road, Brush Creek Road, Jonesville Folsom Road (Hwy. 1132), Calendar Road, Clifford Lane, Stewart Ridge Road, Stewarts Lane, Pump Station Road off of Hwy. 127.

Bus No. 38 – Driver, Junior Hunter: Timberwood Lake, Leaning Oak Road, Natlee Slatin Road, 2018 and 1883 to Hwy. 607, 607 to Hwy. 227, 227 to school and Old Columbus Road.

Bus No. 39 – Driver, Donnie Stewart: Eagle Hill Road, Beverly Lane, stop at Roberts Lane, stop at Shirley Lane, Hwy. 127 South, Poplar Grove Church to Kemper Lane off of 127.

Bus No. 61 – Driver, Cindy Dixon: South Fork Road, Big Twin Creek Road, Davis Lake Road, Hwy. 22 from South Fork to school.

Bus No. 62 – Driver, Kay Hawkins: Hwy. 368 from the Franklin County line to Hwy. 127, Kay’s Branch, Old Frankfort Pike, Loop 8 (Shady Lane) to Hwy. 127 to Loop 4 and Joey Gibson’s apartments, Loop 1 (Hudnall’s Garage), Loop 2, Loop 6 South, Loop 7.

Bus No. 63 – Driver, Barry Winkle: Bell Lane, Red Oak Pike, Old Owenton Georgetown Road, Old Beechwood Road, Caney Creek Road, Rockdale Road, Marshall Pike, Hwy. 607 from LeMaster’s Store to Hwy. 227 and 227 to school.