An Owen County All Star

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Local middle school student to represent Kentucky in showcase against Tennessee

By Brian Blair

Several weeks ago, Bruce Wash received an e-mail and he’s glad he opened it.

The e-mail was from family friend Jenna Gray and told Wash about a chance for his son Michael to tryout for a football team.

But this wasn’t just any team. It would be a group of outstanding seventh-graders who would represent Kentucky on the gridiron.

 “What do we have to lose?” Bruce Wash said.

He took his son to Manual High School in Louisville for tryouts.

The tryouts went well and as a result Michael was one of 32 players selected to be a part of the first annual Kentucky/Tennessee All-Star Game.

“I am real glad I made the team,” Michael Wash said.

The team was assembled with the idea of promoting middle-school football and possibly promoting the players to college recruiters. Following the game, players’ stats will be posted for scouts to see. 

Michael Wash, who has been playing football since he was in elementary school, said the tryouts were fun but also were an eye-opener.

The seventh-grader, who is one of the bigger kids on the Bowling Middle School team, found out upon arriving at Manual that he was not going to have that same advantage.

“I thought I was one of the bigger kids,” Michael Wash said. “But when I got there, I saw kids who were as big as I am and some even bigger.”

It did not stop Michael Wash, who will play center, tight end or middle linebacker in the game.

The game will be played June 5 at Louisville’s Doss High School.

Players will head to Louisville on the Wednesday before the game and will get to travel to the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky training centers as well as the Muhammad Ali Museum.

One person who will be in attendance when the ball is kicked off will be Pat Patterson, who has coached Michael Wash since he began playing in the Owen County Parks and Recreation League. Patterson was also an assistant coach with Tommy Tackett last season at MBMS.

 “He has always been a really good player,” Patterson said of Wash.

Patterson said Michael Wash helped lead his parks and recreation team to championships five years in a row.

Patterson said the selection reflects well on Michael Wash.

 “I’m very proud of Michael,” Patterson said. “He will be a fine representative of Owen County.”

When asked about making the trip to Louisville for the game, Patterson said he “wouldn’t miss it.”

Michael Wash said he’s proud of the selection and is looking forward for the opportunity to play.

“It’s real cool,” Michael Wash said. “I am happy to have the chance to play on the team.”