Owen countian named Kentucky National Guardsmen of the Year

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By John Whitlock

An Owen County man has been honored as the Kentucky Army National Guard’s Noncommissioned Officer of the Year.
Staff Sgt. Nicholas Anglin, a resident of Owenton, serves as a multichannel transmission system operator in the guard and was recently recognized at a ceremony in Louisville.
The award is earned by the person who best portrays the embodiment of what the Kentucky National Guard stands for.
Anglin has served in the military for nine years, five years in active duty at Fort Campbell and the past four years in the National Guard.
Despite the accolade, Anglin doesn’t consider himself a role model for others.
“I am a noncommissioned officer, a sergeant, a leader of soldiers,” Anglin said. “My duties are to train and lead soldiers. I am a firm believer of leading by example. I would not ask my soldiers to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. That being said, I can now take this experience and apply it to my leadership abilities to help prepare my soldiers.”
Anglin said he was drawn to the military for its importance and tradition along with the skills and experiences he would obtain.
“I went in the service for a couple of reasons,” Anglin said. “One (reason) was to do something that I would be proud of, something that had history, meaning, and tradition. (The second reason) was to provide a way to further my education, skills, and experience.”
Anglin was nominated by his platoon sergeant to attend his company-level board and then worked his way up through his company and then through his brigade.
“The state-level competition was one that involved written test, physical training, weapons qualification, warrior task, last navigation and a military board appearance,” Anglin said. “All soldiers who competed at the state level were judged and graded for their performance.”
Anglin is the husband of Shannon Anglin. The couple has four children - Willie Johnson, Tayler Johnson, Zoie Anglin and Eli Anglin.
“It is an honor to receive this award. It’s a humbling experience,” Anglin said. “There is a lot of dedication that goes into preparing for the competition both physically and mentally. Knowing the hard work and the support of my wife and family that went into the preparation makes earning this award even greater.”