Old Cedar Baptist

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Sunday was a rainy and gloomy day, but you couldn’t tell it by all the love, singing and praising the Lord that went on inside our little church.
Our church opened up with Bro. James welcoming everyone and our choir, “New Beginnings,” singing “Let’s Just Praise the Lord and Holy Ground.”
Cecila did a wonderful job singing “Your Secret Place.” Also, Joy and her puppet, Rover, put on a little skit called “You can’t get brownie points by making brownies.”
Bro. James’ sermon was titled “Are You Willing to Surrender All to God?” Right at this moment as you are reading this, Christ is at the door knocking; he always makes the first move; and he comes to us in a new way every day. The latchstring to open the door is on the inside. We are given the choice to open the door of our lives or leave it shut in the Master’s face. I am amazed at the number of Christians who believe in Christ as our Savior but do not daily open the door of their lives to him as Lord of all. The abundant life really began for me when I opened the door and invited Christ to live in me. How about you?
At 6 p.m. Sunday night, New Beginnings has choir practice.
At 6 p.m. Wednesday night, we have prayer meeting.
Remember in prayer this week Louise True, David New, Lou Ann Tupts, Dee Wedding, Washington Atha, Coleman Wilhoite and the rest on our extended on our extended prayer list.
If you are looking for a a church, come and join us. We would love to have you.