Ohio high school tries to return lost class rings

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By Molly Haines

Purchasing a class ring is often a monumental time in a high school student’s life. Worn as a symbol of pride for achieving goals in high school, it is a keepsake that provides many with remembrance of youthful days gone by.

Two years ago, a letter was mailed to Owen County High School along with a 1958 OCHS class ring from McAuley High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The letter read, “The enclosed ring was found in our old, old lost and found. Hope you can find the owner.”

Karen Lozier, secretary and attendance clerk at OCHS, is determined to do just that.

Lozier said she was happy to see that the person who found the ring returned it to OCHS.

“I thought it was neat that they valued it enough to send it back,” Lozier said. “Most people wouldn’t send it back, they’d probably just throw it away.”

The ring is a ladies ring and the initials inside are E.A.

Another class ring was found by a student at OCHS and is a male’s 1987 ring. The ring reads “Kenneth” around the stone, and the initials inside the band are K.D.F.

If you believe that one of these rings may be yours, contact the OCHS office at 484-5509.