Obama is ready to lead

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By The Staff

I am supporting Senator Obama for President of the United States because he is an intelligent, steady leader that offers us real change from the Bush policies that have failed us for eight years. Our country is facing an economic crisis, war on two fronts, global warming and environmental challenges that must be approached with a steady hand. We must restore our reputation as the leader of the free world. A generational change in leadership by a man that is the embodiment of the American dream is needed; it is the best chance our country has to change our current course.

We do not need to be influenced by the politics of fear but by facts. Independent analysis has found that Obama’s tax cuts for the middle class are three times greater than McCain’s proposals. Obama will help homeowners stay in their homes without rewarding the CEOs on Wall Street. McCain’s chief mentor on economics is Phil Gramm, who in his Senate days championed deregulation that has led to the current mess in the credit markets. Obama and Biden will end tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas and give them to companies that create jobs here at home. They will create new jobs in the manufacturing sector, and in the area of clean energy and renewable resources. Instead of spending $10 billion a month in Iraq the Democrats will end the war responsibly and use that money to create jobs while rebuilding our infrastructure. Obama and Biden are in favor of raising the minimum wage and indexing it to inflation. John McCain voted against increasing the minimum wage (Senate vote 179) and against overtime compensation and unemployment benefits for workers (Senate vote 152).

Obama will make sure that farm subsidies help family farmers, not giant corporations. He will enact an affordable health care plan for all and invest in early childhood education. Obama and Biden are committed to ensuring that Social Security and Medicare are solvent and will protect benefits. McCain is for raising the eligibility age for Medicare (Senate vote 363).

Senator Obama believes in the Constitutional rights of Americans to purchase, own, transport and use guns. He supports programs that protect and improve fish and wildlife habitat.

Senator Obama has run a well-organized, positive campaign based on hope and thoughtful solutions. He has the temperament to safely lead our country in the 21st century. He has already gathered some of the smartest minds in public policy and has surrounded himself with mainstream well respected people. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell crossed party lines and endorsed Barack Obama for President. He stated, “He has both style and substance. He has met the standard of being a successful president, being an exceptional president.” So let us not be divided by false attacks and smears but let us be guided by truth and the Constitutional freedoms our country was founded upon.

Deborah Gash