New middle school

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John Whitlock
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What is your opinion of the new middle school?

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I really think we can do

I really think we can do better than that. Sure we need a new middle school but we also need a bigger high-school, there are more and more kids graduating and they all have their right to education. It may sound like an impossible thing now but as I learned from my masters degree in finance nothing is impossible when you make a good plan.

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First of all as I parent I

First of all as I parent I now the new school was necessary and it's finally here. I just think the administration should focus more on finding good teachers, they will give a full aura to this school. I graduated from one of the local schools and now I got my online masters of public health, I am the results of teacher's work and I'd really want to see the new middle school is complying with the highest standards in forming the people of tomorrow.