Movie theater is back in grand style

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Kay's Branch News

By Bee Spicer

KI had trouble with my  computer last week. For some reason unbeknownst to me, it refused to display the e-mails on my Mail page. I came to the kitchen last Sunday to do the column and checked for Wanda’s news and it wasn’t there. So I called Fay and talked to her till after 11, then checked again. Still nothing, so I wrote and sent the column. The next morning I switched to the home page to find out who won the golf tournament and there in hot.mail was Wanda’s news. I e-mailed her and apologized and explained the problem. I worked on MSN all morning and still got no results. Finally Ann suggested I turn off the computer and reboot and maybe that would jar it loose. It helped some but didn’t clear up and start acting normal, what ever “normal” is on a computer. So now I shall write Wanda’s input from last week.
I had made a remark in a previous column that I didn’t know what “froggy radio” was. She explained that Froggy Radio was a Frankfort country station and they were sponsoring a two-day telethon for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. It was held at the newly renovated Grand Theater. She, Charlie, and Joyce went to the concert. She said they enjoyed the harmony of the trio “Due West.” She said they were great and raised a lot of money for the hospital. Wanda said she read that it cost $1.5 million a day to operate St. Jude Hospital. They take any child, whether the family can pay or not.
She also told me that the Grand was really grand again. It was built in 1911 and closed in the early ’60s. By that time it had fallen to a B-picture movie theater.
Some of you young readers have no idea what a B picture is. They were the “horse operas” and the 10-day quickies they made to fill the week-days. The big budget pictures were shown on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. One had to pay an extra 10 cents to get in the theater on those days.
Wanda said it was really pretty now. They had left some of the original interior brick walls to preserve the history of the theater.
On Saturday of that week, a large group of Owenton friends went to a fish fry, but Joyce opted to join Jeannie Jones and went to Lawrenceberg to the American Legion Anniversary party. When Joyce has a choice of eating fish or dancing, dancing wins everytime.  
This week, Vanessa Willhoite had a birthday. Like Mother, she is a Groundhog Day baby. Also Micha New was 5 and Willis celebrated a birthday on Saturday. Lela Maud Hawkins will be 94 today, Feb. 9. Happy birthday to all.
I made a slight error last week, too. When I went into the bank I was talking to Sarah Cobb, not Sue. I must confess that when she spoke to me, I knew I knew her but couldn’t think of her name. I connected her with the library board but Sue Cammack’s name popped up first, then I associated her with Mary Ann and got Cobb. I have a very twisted mind when it comes to names. I usually just smile and nod and talk to anyone who will talk to me, because I know that I have met them somewhere.
We had church Sunday morning. That has been a rare occurrence the past six weeks. Joel said Lou was improving slowly. She’s not quite ready to be out and about yet, but she’s getting there. Also heard that Frank McDonald was at home and improving.
Ann and I went to Louisville Saturday to our play. Well, it wasn’t exactly a play this time. It was the Second City Improv group — six very talented young people who entertain with music, skit and jokes about the city that they are currently in. They were very funny and amazing the way they make up jokes and songs on the spur of the moment. It was well worth braving the elements to see them.
The weather had turned nice and dry on the way home, so it was a good day all around.