Mount Pleasant Baptist

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Flo Parker beautifully sang “Your Sins Are Forgiven” acappella. Bro. Dale’s message from Psalm 37 helped us understand that when life gets so hard that you think you may lose your mind, remember that laughter is a good medicine; take comfort in things that last, like relationships with others, and not in material things; and control your anger.
Happy anniversary to Roy and Nila Marksberry. They have had 47 years of wedded bliss.
Please pray for these dear ones: Kim Furnish, David Furnish, Linda Haydon, Rebekah Gaines, and Mary Joan Mefford.
Please be in prayer also that our beautiful Owen County will not allow alcohol establishments and sales. All it would bring is more trouble and heartache for families and especially for the children. No one knows that they are an alcoholic until they have taken that first drink.
The end does not justify the means dear Owen countians. We already have a serious drug problem. Stand up for what is right and protect our county.
At 7 P.M. tonight, we will host a prayer meeting and Bible study.