Mother finds comfort and healing at home

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By The Staff

In 2006, we were told by doctors in another hospital that our mother would die in the next few days.

The reason I am sharing these thoughts with you is I was approached by someone who wanted more information on the home dialysis and I feel there are more people out there who one day may need to think about going this way instead of going to a clinic and going through a more aggressive treatment.

Instead of doing it daily, you do it every two to three days and it is more aggressive.

My mother has been diagnosed with renal failure. What caused it is not known. It could have been her medicine, (urinary tract infection), blood poisoning or none of the above.

She started taking dialysis on March 3, 2009, at a dialysis clinic.

The trips were two to three times a week.

We would take her down to the clinic for three to four hours a day and watch her feel so bad after the treatment.

We were very hopeful that something else would become available to help her out and one day our prayers were answered. God does answer prayers.

While searching the Internet, we learned that home dialysis was being done and there were two cases of this being done many years ago in Owen County.

We inquired about this with her kidney doctor, Dee Pak Mittal, and through his help we found that the clinic was starting a program to train people to do dialysis at home.

We applied and learned we would be the first for the new machine and the first people to be trained by them.

We talked this over with the family and with the full support of our father, brothers and sister, we took off to be trained for the next three weeks during March of 2010.

We saw in the first week a change in our mother – her color and her energy. When she was taking her dialysis in the past, she wanted to just go home and to bed. Now, she wanted to go eat.

So for five days each week for the next three weeks, we left out each morning at 8 a.m. and traveled to the clinic.

The day was long and lasted until 2 p.m. with Mom taking dialysis on her machine and us being trained so that one day we would be able to take the machine home and do home dialysis.

During the three weeks, representatives from NXStage and Fresenius were on hand to teach us and answer questions on the use of the machine and the anatomy of the body and problem solving.

On the last day of class, we were tested on our knowledge and skills.

We learned they would follow us to our home with the machine – Mom’s new machine that would keep her alive and continue to be our mom.

The company brought the machine and sat it up, hooked it to the water and tested it to make sure the filters worked.

They sent the supplies and on April 2, we did our first home dialysis.

If we had closed our eyes, it would have been no different than the previous weeks.

The instructors were there watching to see that we did as we were trained, the machine was humming and there was Mom, but she was now in her bed instead of a chair.

It has been nearly a month of six days a week, four hours a day doing dialysis by hooking our mom up to the machine and watching as it takes off fluid and the poisons that would kill her if she did not had the machine.

The company and staff do not leave us alone as they help with ordering supplies, and we can call them 24 hours a day.

We encourage families to research treatments for illness as there is a wealth of information on the Internet.

God gave us the ability to use brains and to use the computer, to question the things placed on our table.

We are glad to have been given this opportunity to help our mother, and for God to have given us the strength and knowledge.

We watch as our mother grows stronger, being able to stand for short periods of time and to take small steps.

The joy I see in my mom now as she thanks us for doing this is more than money can buy.

Can I say that it is not hard? I would be lying. Is it worth it? Yes.

We have been taught to give her shots, draw blood, do water test and more.

Take the time to help your parents, take them to the doctor and love them.

It is now two months and the doctors told us everything is going good and tests show we can change from six days to five day of doing dialysis.

We continue to work at keeping our parents healthy because of all they did for us throughout our lives.