Monterey News by Dana Burke

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By The Staff

With  this year’s “Monterey Homecoming Fair” drawing near, there were several people who made it out last Saturday to take part in helping to clean up our town. I would like to take this time to personally thank each and everyone of them. Besides Colleen and myself, there were Vanessa Wilhiote, Johnny, Robin and Kimmie Gentry, Brett Hall, Lonnie Reed, Jimmy, Tammy and Marcus Powers, Monterey Mayor Dennis Atha, Amanda Hammonds, Rachel Hall, Randy Fitzgerald, Robert (Weiner) and Dylan Gilbert and Christina Loucks. Also stopping by was Doreen McElroy  and Billy Meringer. Thanks to all of you for pitching in to do your part. Besides painting the roof and pillars of the Pavilion, the volunteers also pitched in and pulled weeds out of the sand and play area.

A lot of hard work was done by all. Thanks again to all of you who helped in this project. I was sure feeling it come Sunday morning.

I’m really looking forward to seeing many friends and family here Saturday. Some people I haven’t seen in many years, have posted on “The Monterey Fair” page on Facebook that they would be attending this year’s fair. I even received word from Patty (Grace) Sunday that  she and her daughter Leigh are still planning on coming down for this as well.

Frankie Fitzgerald and his crew were also downtown working very hard in cleaning up Phyllis and Charlie’s  place. That’s one house that will be very missed for years to come as well. Bob Atha, among others, always sat up on Phyllis’s front porch and yard to play music throughout the day, helping to entertain all the folks passing by during the fair. They also played music for us while doing the cake walks. Speaking of cake walks, this will also be our first year doing this without our mom Joyce Atha. We will sure miss her being there with us, may she rest in peace.

Dara will be down at the park Friday at 5 p.m. selling the Monterey Fair T-shirts. They will be $15 each. Several people will be going down earlier to clean up as well. Please feel free to join them.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. Please pray that the rain passes us by this day as well as Sunday for our local church services as well.

Until next time be safe and please continue to keep all our sick in your thoughts and prayers.