Monterey News By Dana Burke

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By The Staff

Just after having worked a couple of weeks at my new job, I soon discovered that a few of my coworkers knew all about Monterey. Seems they remember a few of their past coworkers also being from Monterey. While talking with Ms. Stella (Carriss) and Mike Harmon, another new employee (who has just recently come back, after having been in semi-retirement), I learned that they remember two Monterey ladies quite well. In fact they were sisters. They were Shirley (Smith) Ballard and Thelma (Smith) House. Everyone spoke very highly of the two and said I too, will do just fine. So far it has been very busy, but has also been very interesting as well. I am learning a lot, therefore, my days fly by. I really like it and also still see my former coworkers from time to time as well.

A.W. recently got another new boat. Looks like he’s finally getting to enjoy it too. We’ve been having some great weather for it.

My cousin Jennifer from Frankfort called recently to see if I would be interested in a couple of free tickets to the Elk Creek Winery. She won them on a Frankfort (Froggy) radio station and didn’t think she would be able to use them. With this in mind she thought of me. The tickets were for a “Jimmy Buffet Tribute” Concert. I asked Lee if he wanted to join me, but because he does not care too much for wine, he suggested I take a girlfriend with me. So with this in mind, I called a very good friend, Karen Sayles, from Frankfort, and took her. After getting there we hooked up with some other Owen County folks, Troi (McDormant) and her husband Chuck Cunningham, along with Susie Ballard, Toni Quire and Richard Cobb.  Only now they all pretty much live in Frankfort. We had a great time. I also enjoyed seeing many people that I don’t normally see so much anymore.

We got there about 4:30 p.m. with the show starting at 6:30 p.m. We wanted to get a good seat. They had lots of young men offering you transportation to the show via golf carts. But we ran off and forgot our chairs in the car. We had to get our guy to turn around to head back to the car to get our chairs. After getting them and finally being able to go to our destination, our cart broke down. Our guy’s mom – Debbie – came to the rescue and gave us a front ride.

Thanks again, Debbie, for the ride and your great hospitality. I had known Debbie from high school and she had also known me from having done my nails years ago.

Debbie said she had recently been to Frankfort for something and upon mentioning the winery to some folks there, they said they had never heard of it before. That’s unbelievable, with all the concerts they have already put on out there in the last year or so.

It was really nice and I look forward to going back soon. I have also told my cousin to get on there and win me some more tickets anytime. What a wonderful place for the young people in our community to start a first-time job.

Best of luck to you guys in your upcoming and growing business.

Recently, Kirby and I attended church with his girlfriend, Nikki, and her family. Her mother is a pastor at the House of Grace Church in Frankfort. It was a very nice church and the sermon was very touching as well. We both really enjoyed it.

Afterward, Kirby, Nikki and I went out to eat at Chili’s, before going on to do a little Wal-Mart shopping. While at Wal-Mart, we saw several Monterey faces too. Jessie Smoot and Joseph were also doing some shopping and told me they are getting ready for a trip to Hunstville, Ala., soon to visit some family. I also saw Mary Margaret Shelton, as well as Marsha and Glen Duvall.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day despite the morning showers and had fun spending time with your loved ones.

Until next time be safe and please continue to keep all our sick in your thoughts and prayers.