Monterey News

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By Dana Burke

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. The weather was great. Finally, a weekend with no rain. I could’ve laid out by the pool this weekend only it isn’t quite ready yet. I’m sure we’ll be working on that this week.

I believe Colleen finally found a volunteer to head up the Monterey Fair Parade. Amanda (Hall) Hammond recently told Colleen she’d be happy to take this task on. Colleen and I saw Amanda at the firehouse Saturday night and she was really excited about doing this. Colleen told Amanda to try to attend the next meeting, June 19, and she’d fill her in on what needs to be taken care of. We’re happy to have Amanda on board helping to make this year’s fair the best ever.

Speaking of the firehouse, the Monterey Volunteer Firehouse held a fish fry Saturday night. They had lots of good food and great music. The music was provided by The Downtown County Band. There was a pretty large crowd there. I saw several people that I haven’t seen in years. I overheard Patty Parker Gaines telling Viola it is was so good to see her and not being at the funeral home to do so. That is usually when you see most old friends that you haven’t seen forever.

Speaking of not seeing someone forever, I went to visit an old friend Sunday who I haven’t in over 30 years. I had gone to middle school with a couple of sisters – Sharon and Becky Bowman from Gratz – who moved to Henry County. I hadn’t seen either one of them since they moved away. Sharon happened to see me on Facebook and sent me a “friend request.” Although she kind of looked familiar, I wasn’t sure who she was. She later sent me a message saying, “It’s me, Sharon Bowman.” Then I knew exactly who she was. I was so shocked to see her because it had been so long since I’d heard that name. After she and Becky moved to Henry County, they became friends of another mutual friend of mine who I met after I graduated high school. It really is a small world. We had a very nice day together. Sharon lives in Nicholasville, so I went and found her Sunday. We had lunch and drove around Nicholasville before heading back to her place to go through some of her pictures. It was so nice to see her. Upon getting home, Becky had sent me a “friend request” as well. I’m sure I’ll be taking a trip to Eminence soon too find Becky.

Until next time ...