Monterey Matters: Town coming together for fair

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By Dana Burke

A very good friend of mine from Frankfort - Jana Moore - has been asking me for weeks to come up and go to church with her and her family at North Frankfort Baptist Church.
She had also called another friend of ours Laurie to come join us too.
Laurie and I finally had made plans to go. This same weekend, Evelyn also called to see if I would come go to church with her at Old Cedar.
I ended up having Evelyn to join us and we all ended up meeting up with Jana a few weeks ago.
It was a very nice church and we really enjoyed it.
Laurie enjoyed it so much she recently went back this Sunday as well.
I wasn’t feeling very well so I skipped this one, however I know how much that pleased Jana to have Laurie come back. Thanks for the invite my friend and I will join you again someday.
This year’s Monterey Fair is coming right along and will be here before we know it. In fact, Colleen called another meeting recently that I was able to attend.
There were several people there for this meeting. Tammy talked about several people getting back to her concerning the parade, sounds as though it is going to be a great one as usual.
Tammy said she has contacted David Spaeth about having everyone to meet at his barn for this and he has agreed to let us use it once more.
Thanks David for allowing us to use your property once again.
The Owen County High School band will be coming down to perform as well.
Jenny and friends are working very hard on getting the T-shirts finished. She has asked me not to mention the shirts yet, as they are not completely sure on a design just yet.
Maybe she will fill me in on them at our next meeting.
Noel sand Charles will be starting the cornhole tournaments at 1:30 p.m. this year. Colleen will also be selling food – burgers, pork loin sandwiches etc. - during the street dance this year.
Mike said there will be plenty of music playing throughout the day.
Tracy encourages everyone to come back out on Sunday morning for the Sunday worship service at the Monterey Park beginning at 11a.m. Please bring your lawn chairs and come on out for this.
Ramon and I recently went to River Bend Park in Cincinnati for a concert.
One of my friends from Frankfort had purchased two tickets for her and her husband but were unable to go at the last minute.
We went to see ZZ Top and Lynyrd Sknyrd.
It was an awesome show and we had an excellent time. We really enjoyed it. After getting home and resting for a bit the next day, Ramon began to settle in for the University of Kentucky football game and I decided to go out and join some of the FAUBS for an evening out with the girls.
They were all camping, four wheeling etc. and had invited me to come out to join them for a bit.
We had a very nice visit. There were several people that made it out for this. Thanks again girls for the invite.
I suppose that’s it for this week.
Until we meet again, God bless, be safe and please continue to keep all our sick in your thoughts and prayers.