Monterey Matters: Snowfall on Halloween isn’t the right treat

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By Dana Burke

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather we had last week. I’m not sure we are going to be enjoying it for much longer. It is really beginning to look a lot like winter already this week.
On Sunday, while out doing some shopping I even overheard several people discussing the weather for this week. I heard a couple of folks saying that they were calling for snow on Halloween. Snow ... on Halloween?
If it were to do this, I would really be surprised. I can’t recall seeing snow in October. I am praying this storm passes us by.
I had an awesome weekend.
On Saturday, a bunch of my cousins from the Jesse side gathered at another cousin’s home in Bald Knob.
I saw several cousins I hadn’t seen in years. It was really nice catching up with everyone again.
It’s times like this when I really miss not having the Jesse family reunions anymore. I can still remember when we would all gather at the game farm in Frankfort for these. I can’t tell you when we had our last one, but as the older ones passed away, no one managed to keep them up. Thanks for inviting me out for this Aunt Jackie. It was so good to see all you guys again and not be at the funeral home.
Everyone seemed to be doing well. However, one of our cousins could sure use our thoughts and prayers as she is dealing with cancer. She has already had one round of treatment and is due to go back this week for another. It does seem to be working somewhat as a few of her tumors have gotten smaller. This is good news. We are all praying that she continues to do well with this next round. Please know that you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, and that we will continue to pray for you daily. I love you all.
Ramon and I also had a wonderful weekend with our baby girl Dani Grace on Saturday. After leaving my cousins’ home that afternoon, I went straight to Lawrenceburg to pick her up for the night.
Jade had told her that her Nana was coming to get her. I could tell she was so happy to see me. It made my day when I saw her face light up and her arms outreached for me to pick her up when I walked in. She is a load of fun these days. This also gave Mom and Dad a chance to hang out with some of their friends for a while as well. As soon as she saw Mom and Dad on Sunday, she was just as happy to see them. I will have to say that she really kept us on our toes. I totally enjoyed her and will be looking forward to more weekends such as this one.
Theresa also called me Sunday afternoon to pass along some info to us. She was telling me that Florence is finally feeling better these days, as is her twin brother Floyd. In fact, Floyd will soon be joining a gospel-singing group at Richland Baptist Church in Hesler on Nov. 10 from 4 till 6 p.m. to entertain the people of Owen County with some wonderful gospel music. They encourage everyone to come out and join them for this. This is wonderful news considering the last time I talked to Theresa that Uncle Floyd wasn’t doing very well at all. Goes to show you how powerful prayers really are. I am so happy to hear that Florence and Floyd are both feeling better these days. Keep up the good work guys.
I’d also like to take this time to thank Tonya Spaeth for doing such an awesome job on Jade’s senior pictures. They were great. She even took a few with little Dani in there too. Thanks again for working them into your busy schedule Tonya. You do an awesome job.
I suppose that’s it for this week. Until we meet again, God bless, be safe and please continue to keep all our sick in your thoughts and prayers.