Monterey Matters: A new nana’s pride shows at family picnic

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By Dana Burke

With a little nudge from my friends and family, I finally got around to getting Danielle’s birth announcement in the paper.
However I am a very proud Nana and am so happy to have her in my life. She is now 5 weeks old and changes every time I see her. She is precious. There is nothing like having a grandchild. My mom always said this after Kirby and Leslie came along, but one just never knows till they experience it for themselves.
With that said, I have a bit more news about her and Kirby. On Saturday, Evelyn and I, along with Jade, Dani, Beverly and Lilly, (Jade’s Mom and little sister) went to Shepherdsville for a “Family Day Picnic” and to visit with Kirby.
Bluegrass Challenge in Fort Knox recently put together a weekend full of fun and activities for all their cadets there. In doing so, they also planned a  family day picnic for Saturday. This was a chance for all the cadets to be able to spend the day with their families. The picnic was held at a park called Crooked Creek in Shepherdsville.
The cadets had gone down Friday for some fun in the sun and to camp out for the night.
All the families brought their picnic lunches and enjoyed the day with their child.
All the cadets seemed to be enjoying this time out and away from Fort  Knox as well. We also met up with another family there from Owen County. We all had a wonderful time visiting with our boys.
This was the first time Kirby had seen his baby girl. It seemed like she knew her daddy right away, too. It was so sweet to see all of them together. He walked around all day on cloud nine, holding his precious baby girl.
I am so very proud of Kirby, along with all the others there. This place has really made a big difference in his life, and the fact that he is now a new father has helped him a lot. They are all really growing up to be very respectful young men and women there.
Kirby, along with the others, are good kids who somehow got off track and needed this boost to get them back in line again. I encourage anyone who is experiencing trouble during their teens to really consider this. I am very thankful for this program.
On another note, Jan recently sent me a bit of news to share.
Jan Riddle celebrated her birthday Oct. 1. By the way, “Happy late birthday, Jan.”
She said her sister and her husband Clara and Dallas came down a few weeks ago and took her out to eat.
Her daughter, Clara Jane, also went with them. Jan said they went to Shelbyville and ate at the Cracker Barrel. Her son Shannon had to work and wasn’t able to go with them. He later came by and celebrated with her as well. We are glad that you had a wonderful birthday, Jan, and wish you many more to come. She went on to say that her brother, Revel, had a birthday Oct. 9. We hope he had a wonderful birthday as well.
I suppose that’s about it for this time. Until we meet again, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and the weather continues to be this nice. God bless and please continue to keep all our sick in your thoughts and prayers.