Monterey Matters: Kirby returns to lend a hand

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By Dana Burke

Not much happening around Monterey these days, however, Josie has recently contacted me to say that she, Andrew, Janis, Dixie and Chuck recently went to Lexington to visit with Skot Atha.
Josie said that Skot hadn’t been feeling well and they wanted to go and check on him. She says they really had a great time and are looking forward to doing it again soon. She has also invited me to come along with them the next time. I may just do that. I miss Skot as well. One can never have enough friends. Good friends are hard to come by these days.
I received some good news a couple of weeks ago — Kirby has decided to come back home. As many of you know, last year Kirby went to stay with his dad in Lawrenceburg for awhile and has recently decided to come back home.
I was very happy to say the least and am very pleased to have him back home with me. He is even helping me finish up on the painting job that didn’t get completed. This alone is going to save me a whole lot of money by not having to hire someone else to finish it up.
Of course I will be giving him something for helping me. He and some of his buddies worked on the house this past weekend. I must say, it is really starting to look nice. My friend Sonda also came down for a while Saturday to help me with painting the shutters. It won’t be long now till it’s completed.
Now I need to focus on getting the pool up and going. Hopefully, we will get started on that task this week.
I have to say that the mowing is getting a little easier. However, I’ve gotten the lawn mower hung up on several occasions but luckily I’ve had a few different people help me out with this. I told Kirby I didn’t mind mowing as long as he can take care of the weed eating. Not sure I can handle this part of the yard work, for I can’t even get the silly thing started.
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. Until we meet again, please be safe and continue to keep all our sick in your thoughts and prayers.