Monterey Matters: Kids make Christmas so special for us all

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By Dana Burke

It has been quite a while since I’ve had much to talk about, so I sure hope you are ready to take this all in.
First of all, I’d like to start out by saying happy New Year to all my friends and family in Owen County and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.
Our family had a pretty good Christmas this year. Once again, Ray and Gina had us over to their home in Frankfort for Christmas. I have to say that it is getting a little easier on us all. We sure miss our mom (R.I.P. Joyce Atha). However, she would want us all to move forward and to begin making new memories with the rest of our loved ones. So with that being said, thanks to Ray and Gina for stepping up and taking this on. You guys prepared an awesome meal and I totally enjoyed spending the quality time with you guys.
Christmas was really a lot more fun this year with Dani and that’s what it’s all about - the children.
With her being a little older this year, it made it even more special. She was really getting into opening her gifts this year. I have to say that she played more with the boxes than she did the dolls and the toys she received. There is just something about boxes when it comes to little kids. Santa was really good to Dani and she wishes to thank Santa and everyone else for all her wonderful gifts she received.
I’d also like to share some news about one of our locals, Carl Atha. Carl is the son of Dennis Atha (Monterey) and Rodney and Mia Osbourne of Florida.
Carl joined the Marine Corp back in November and is currently in boot camp at Paris Island, S.C.
Several family and friends have been keeping Carl in the loop with what is going on around Owen County and Carl has been writing a few around here as well. Carl will be graduating from Paris Island Feb. 8. We are all so very proud of Carl and all the other members of the armed forces who are protecting our freedom. Way to go, Carl. I’m very proud of you and keep up the good work. We are all looking forward to seeing the new man you have become.
Josie Hazlett recently called with some news to share. It seems that she has been getting to spend quite a bit of time with her grandbabies lately. A couple of weeks ago, Brayden and Kaden came down and spent a few weeks with her. Also dropping by for the weekend was Emma (Lowe) and Emily (Collins). Josie also went on to say that during all this visiting, Tori and Liam (Janis’s babies) also stopped by for a while. Josie said she had a big time visiting with all her little ones, and feels as though they are all her grandbabies. Thanks Josie for sharing your news with us. I’d have a lot more to talk about if you guys would all do this for me. Hint hint.
I suppose that’s it for this week. Until we meet again, God bless, be safe and please continue to keep all our sick in your thoughts and prayers.