Mayor questioned about scrap by KSP

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West says issue is politically motivated

By Molly Haines

Owenton Mayor Doug West confirmed Friday that he has spoken with Kentucky State Police amid rumors that he is the subject of an investigation by the agency.
West said no charges have been brought against him and he does not consider being questioned by state police to be a formal investigation.
“It’s all politically motivated,” West said. “I haven’t done anything illegal.”
KSP Post 5 Campbellsburg Public Affairs Officer Trooper Brad Arterburn confirmed an inquiry is ongoing, but could not comment further.
West said he was questioned about a few railroad ties that were taken up in front of Rod’s Plumbing and given to the city’s maintenance employee last September.
West said the railroad ties, which were on state property and used for drainage, were given to the maintenance employee for scrap. The employee received a little over $100 for the ties.
West said he wrote and signed a letter to the scrap yard giving the employee permission to scrap the railroad ties.
“(The employee) asked if he could have them,” West said. “I didn’t think anything about it.”
West said he believes nothing will come of the questioning by KSP, but that he expects the upcoming primary to become heated before it’s all over May 20.
“I’ve run 10 races,” West said. “I’ve won several and I’ve lost a few. This is gonna be the nastiest campaign I’ve ever been in. All the candidates need to run their own race and leave everybody else alone. They need to let the voters decide who they want to put in office for the next four years.”