Marching Band makes history early in season

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By The Staff

This past Saturday at Beechwood High School in Fort Mitchell, the Owen County Marching Band competed in its second competition of the season. The band members performed their 2008 show, “Elemental Beethoven.” The show featured traditional and contemporary versions of some of Beethoven’s most memorable melodies, such as Moonlight Sonata, Requiem for the 5th Symphony, 5th of Beethoven, Fur Elise, and Ode to Joy. Each song represents a different element (wind, fire, earth, water) and the unity of all of them.

“We told the kids that these are some of the hardest judges we would see and what we did two weeks ago would not be good enough,” said Kelly Hash, director of Bands.

Two weeks ago the Owen County Marching Band went to Hazard High School and missed qualifying for Regionals by .3 of a point. This was the highest score the marching band has ever had at their first competition of the season since the change in the scoring system. The band placed third in class and the colorguard placed first in class and fourth overall.

This past Saturday the marching band qualified for Regionals despite having some harder judges.

“The judges we had have been known in the past for giving us our lowest scores. They are excellent educators and musicians and Saturday we made them laugh and cheer. They enjoyed what we did,” said Hash.

The marching band’s qualifying score on Saturday marked the earliest the band has ever qualified since Hash came to Owen County. It also marked the first time in school history that any senior class has qualified for Regionals three times. (The Band qualified for Regionals last year and in 2005.)

“It is hard to say how big of an accomplishment this is because we still have plenty of time and ability to do more. The marching band has never qualified for semifinals. Our goal is to make the Marching Band State Championships that take place on Nov. 1,” according to Hash. “Beyond this, one of the things Mrs. Hash (the colorguard instructor) and I are truly happy about is how well the kids have worked together. We are a small group but everyone is in it for the right reasons and they support each other like a family. This group has made this one of the most enjoyable seasons I’ve ever had as a teacher.”

Members of the band also participated Saturday in SERVOLUTION. “Since we were not able to be here in town, the kids decided to ‘serve’ at the competition,” said Hash. Eighteen students helped the competition coordinators pickup trash, hand water out to competitors and workers, help those in wheelchairs, and carry things back and forth to concessions. “This is just another example about the kind of kids that make up the band. They care for each other and they know the importance of helping others,” said Hash.

The Owen County Marching Band will compete next Saturday at Carroll County High School, then at South Oldham and Powell County. Regionals will be at Tates Creek High School in Lexington on Oct. 25. “We need all the support we can get, especially at Regionals. If the kids will do what needs to be done by the time we get there, we will make history.”