Make sure to keep your name in the book

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By Joan Kincaid

Today, as we begin to look toward the year 2010 and the May Primary Election, it is clear we must continue to improve the management of voter registrations. The State Board of Elections has reported that they have mailed 441,000 voter postcards in the state of Kentucky, and 142,000 were returned as undeliverable. In most situations, the correct address of the voter is not available. These postcards have been returned to the State Board of Elections and the board, in return has mailed the cards to the County Clerk’s Office in the county where the voter was last registered. These records have now been marked in the computer with a return date and the voter will be placed on an inactive list. Their names will not appear on the voter roster book at the precinct on Election Day.

What is needed is the willingness of people to do what is necessary by filling out new voter registration cards in their county of residence. Also, they can report that they have moved out of state to the State Board of Elections.

Encouraging people and helping them understand how important it is to keep their voter information current is a task that the Owen County Clerk’s Office is promoting. We are trying to find current addresses and mailing the postcard to the address located and asking the voter to update their address. However, in almost every case, we have received no reply.

Properly filled-out voter registration helps eliminate problems on Election Day. It lowers the chance of voters going to the wrong precinct to vote, and other stressful situations. On Election Day, where stress causes burdens on voters, election officers, county clerk staff, and County Board of Elections, the importance of current voter information becomes very significant. Correct voter information helps reduce the impact of Election Day stress for all concerned.

The good news is that because of our desire to improve our voter information, the Owen County Clerk’s Office will continue to be committed to the long process of  maintaining current voter records. I encourage all citizens to register and exercise their right to vote. Remember, getting the right to vote was no easy task for our forefathers, and many have died to help protect the right. Today, as then, one vote can make a difference, and could affect many generations to come.

Please give me a call at (502)484-2213 or stop by the office if you have any questions concerning your voter record. We will be glad to verify your current information to your voter record.

Joan Kincaid is the Owen County Clerk.